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To all who come to this user page, welcome. I am TheIdiot; Head Author of the Alt-TCB Story SPECTRUM (and the occasional stuff on the side). Feel free to follow me if you so wish.

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    The Team:
    As Waxy Gallant

    As Downy Quill.
    I am aware of the irony.

    As Appollo One (aka Single Craft)

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    As Smiling Service

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An Update On The Next Chapter · 4:00am Apr 2nd, 2020


The Team:
As Waxy Gallant

As Downy Quill.
I am aware of the irony.

As Appollo One (aka Single Craft)

As Resolute Shield

As Smiling Service

As Steelsy

Kizuna Tallis
As Autumn Breeze

As Glad Engineer

Carpinus Caroliniana
As Horn Beam

And Guest Starring:
Jed R
As Bob

You Wish It Was Chapter 21
A Productive Day

* * * * *

“Productivity is being able to do things that you were never able to do before.”
Franz Kafka

* * * * *

Today was a wondrous day, not a cloud in the sky.

Set in the city of Canterlot, years after the ascension of Twilight Sparkle to the throne of Equestria and the rise of the Council of Friendship. Thanks to the efforts of the six mares and dragon, Canterlot at large had undergone a metamorphosis. All kinds of new residents here and there of different races beyond the three tribes of ponies.

Yes, this day is perfect and ripe. Anything can be accomplished today! Anypony could get anything done with the right amount of determination, focus or inspiration to grant drive.

And for one such resident of this city, today would be a productive day of writing.

* * * * *

Our attention is turned now to the residence of this character - a twice blue-toned unicorn by the name of Waxy Gallant. Despite having a hobby for candle making and coming from a countryside village, he has grand aspirations. He managed to make the brave choice of leaving home behind and heading to Canterlot for a higher education - all in pursuit of becoming a storyteller.

It would be here at his university’s dorm room that we would see our hero. No doubt ready to leap into action with creativity bursting at the edge of his horn. To seize the day as this Morning in Canterlot--

“Old wheat bread.” Waxy Gallant muttered, still asleep in his bed. Turning over, the stallion muttered something else, “don’t feed me that, it looks stupid.”

Well, perhaps this is part of his creative process. No doubt refining the randomness of his subconsciousness that way he would only have the most creative--

“Oh yeah… don’t worry, that pearl won’t do nothin’.” Gallant again muttered, with hints of a smile on his face, “gotta kiss now that you’re a fish.”

Umm… okay, maybe he’s going through some poor quality writing. This should leave him right and ready to make a masterpiece once he awakes. After all, with how today is looking, Morning in Canter--

“Heheheh, that’s it. Keep going…”

Morning in Canter--

“That’s good. That’s good…”


“Maybe you should try it on lan--”


“Don’t bite me!” Gallant said in alarm and confusion, shooting awake in response to the noise. He took a moment to pant, scanning his room to see if anypony was there. He blinked, confused, before pausing. It took him a moment since his brain wasn’t fully awake yet, but when it did--

“Crap, musical number!” The stallion said out of panic, tumbling out of his bed in a thud due to the bedding tangling with his hind legs. He stumbled to pull himself free, forgetting that he could use magic.

Eventually, Gallant succeeded in his effort and then used magic to collect his saddlebags and messily have them full of supplies. He moved in a rush, an apple trailing after him while suspended in magic, and moved out of his dorm room before eventually bursting through the front door of his dorm.

“Morning in Canterlot shimmers!” Gallant belted rather fast while panting slightly, “Morning in Canterlot shines!” He began to move uneasily down the steps, “I know for absolute certain… that everything is certainly--”

Unfortunately, due to Newton’s three laws of motions, that apple gained a certain amount of force and speed since it was trailing after Gallant. Thus, by the time he began his descent, that apple came flying straight at the back of his head mid-step. The result of this was the immediate and what followed - the back of his head was now covered in smashed apple and hurt like nopony’s business.

As for the latter…

“Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!” Gallant screamed, the force of the apple tipping him forward and throwing off his sense of balance. Thus, he rolled down the steps like a runaway wheel.

When this was all over, Gallant in a collapsed heap at the bottom with his saddlebags’ not only empty but their contents now covering the area, he had only one thing to say.


Well, at least he’s finally started his day.

* * * * *

While the start of his day was less than ideal--

“No kidding,” Gallant snarked, limping as he made his way to the Canterlot Library. It was a miracle that he wasn’t bleeding or any of his bones were broken; it’s a shame the rare and randomly happening Unicorn durability didn’t extend to a higher pain threshold.

‘Why couldn’t I have been an Earthpony? I could have walked this off with a shrug.’ Gallant bitterly thought, as he dragged himself up the library’s steps and made his way into the building. His body might have been hurting, but he wasn’t gonna let this stop him from making the day productive.

As part of Canterlot’s growth since the ascension of Princess Twilight to Equestria’s throne, the library had grown considerably. A lengthy renovation process to bring the old building up to code but to restore and expand the number of tomes and resources for everyone. This became a boon for university students in need of research for any project or assignment, but also a secure place to be productive in.

And for Gallant’s cohorts, that made this place invaluable to meet in and group write this epic novel. To exchange ideas, concepts, plot lines, and more. A sanctuary for creative synergy that they could spend hours in. Anything was possible in Conference Room D.

Stopping before the twin doors of the room, Gallant paused to collect himself. Today would be productive - all he had to do was rally the others and get those creative juices flowing. It should be easy since the others have his back and they all want to get this story done.

Using his magic, Gallant pushed the twin doors open and entered with a flourish.

“Hel-lo guys, what’s cracking.” The unicorn said, the doors closing behind him. Sitting in their usual chairs at the room’s tables were the three regulars at this rate - the three guys who tended to have a creative lock on the novel.

The first of this trio, fixated on a stack of books depicting various kinds of dogs and wolves, was the orange pegasus Downy Quill. The second, and decked out in a jacket that read “New Lunar Republic,” was the electric blue hippogriff Resolute Shield. And finally, muttering to himself while combing over a rather worn notebook, was the green Earthpony unicorn Single Craft Appollo One.

What’s important to remember about these three was how vital their efforts have been in building the setting of their novel but also in actively writing it. Waxy Gallant would have taken part in that labor more actively, but being a university student had left him with a lack of free time or energy to contribute as much as he’d like.

“Hey Gallant,” Resolute Shield greeted in his usual accented Equestrian. While Equestria had contact going with Mount Aris for a while, you can’t expect them to adapt to a new language in one generation. “How are you doing, my friend?”

“How’s it hanging, Appollo?” Gallant said, approaching the Earthpony unicorn who remained fixated on his notebook despite his “horn” flopping downwards.

“Gotta be here, it’s all connected. War, invasion, espionage; the fall of Cloudsdale and emergence of the Answer. I will find you, Weaver. I will know your identity.” The stallion mumbled to himself as his bloodshot eyes skimmed through the current set of pages.

“That’s… good.” Gallant said uneasily, before turning and approaching Quill. “Hey, Quill. What’s the latest?”

The pegasus didn’t answer; instead focusing on a picture of a sizable dog that you could only find with the yaks. He mumbled something indistinct about choogling, then took a sip from a jar of something that could have been either coffee or very dark beer.

“Right… so, any chance you’d be up for some writing?” Gallant asked, “I think your drive could really make writing a chapter draft a cinch since our future readers would want this by yesterday.”

Gallant didn’t respond; just turning the page to gaze upon a group of white and fluffy dogs. The image almost resembled a large cloud if you thought about it.

Gallant gave the pegasus a blank look.

‘How can I get his attention?’ The unicorn thought, before noticing the charm necklace around Quill’s neck - itself depicting a trio of balloons. This made Gallant smile slightly as he got an idea.

“Okay, why not something with the Element of Laughter?” He suggested, getting slightly closer in an effort to be heard. “Surely you’d have something in mind for her - maybe she could throw a party for the characters?”

A dull minute passed - the silence only broken by Single’s Appollo’s mumbling and Quill flipping a page again. This made Gallant frown in annoyance, glaring at his friend.

“Quill, just say something.” He demanded, his tone sounding harsh. Instead, Quill reached into his saddlebags and, without even looking, pulled out an envelope and gave it to Gallant. The unicorn gave a confused look at the envelope but accepted it.

Using his magic, the seal was broken and the contents pulled out to reveal a letter.

* * * * *

Dear Waxy Gallant,
I hope this letter finds you well and I hope you’re in good health.

I couldn't do this action you requested of me, because I was busy working at a haunted house. If anyone asks, I was in character when I threatened to kill that guest for walking to actor space, that’s my story and I’m sticking with it.

Respectfully your friend,
Downy Quill

* * * * *

Frowning at the letter, Gallant crushed it in his magic and glared at the pegasus.

“Downy, you know I can see you right there.” The unicorn protested, to which the pegasus responded by reaching into his saddlebags and giving him another envelope.

Rolling his eyes, Gallant accepted the envelope and used his magic to tear it open to read the letter.

* * * * *

Dear Waxy Gallant,
I'm sorry I wasn't able to be here. I broke pretty much every bone in my back. It turns out, Sharlto Copley was right the whole time - the first thing that goes through your mind really is 'does my dick still work?' The shit you learn.

But I got better.

Respectfully your friend,
Downy Quill

* * * * *

“Who the Grogar is-- you know what, I don’t care.” Gallant declared, crushing both letters and envelopes into a big ball of trash. He got up and turned, walking away from the table.

“So, Gallant, I was thinking we could--” Shield began, yet Gallant passed right by him. The unicorn was deep in thought, of course, wondering what to do since none of the three regulars were in any state currently for group writing. Glad Engineer disappeared off the face of Equus and Horn Beam couldn’t make their gatherings anymore due to their workload. Plus, Steelsy was off doing his own labors and couldn’t be present.

Well, this effectively devastated his morning. Gallant would need to come up with something to try and salvage this; maybe, in his pondering, an answer would come to him. The one thing that would turn this whole morning around and get progress on the novel; something that would break ground.

As luck would have it, a revelation would emerge in the depths of Gallant’s mind. Something that would decisively set in stone the next step of his day. A single thought that just may resolve everything--

‘I better go get lunch.’ The unicorn simply thought, nodding to himself before exiting the room. After all, he never did get to eat breakfast, so lunch would be the next best thing.

* * * * *

In a private train car, a cyan-colored Earthpony with a goatee yet shaved mane kept his eyes on the window. The reason why for this is simple - you never could get this kind of view from anything else but a train. Able to see the scenery pass by in such a way - watching the trees and greenery of the Unicorn Range move together. It was a sight to behold since this was a dense forest and made for a moving picture almost.

It’s times like these that made Steelsy enjoy traveling by rail so much. The journey was so inspirational and a trip in of itself to witness. Then again, maybe the rail was spoiling him and his brother since they’ve paid so many bits to go all over Equestria (twice).

It’s always been worth it though. So, having a private train car for their third trip to the Crystal Empire would be just fine. Heck, it looks like they were about to transition out of these woods and into the flat grass plains of the Galloping Gorge.

‘This could make for ideal scenery,’ Steelsy thought as the train finally emerged out of the Unicorn Range. The transition between the previous trees and the open fields really was something.

Before Steelsy could focus more on what’s outside his window, he heard the car’s door slide open to reveal another stallion.

“Ah, brother. You’ve missed the last of the trees.” Steelsy said to the stallion who took his seat across from him. “It was wonderful to see as always.”

“Well, I have missed everything. We’re still heading to the Crystal Empire, so there’s a chance we’ll see Whinnypeg.” His brother countered to which Steelsy shrugged.

“Fair enough. We picked a good time to do this, brother.” He said warmly, “for I have an idea for a story.”

“Does it involve--”

“Of course, why wouldn’t it involve trains?”

“Just checking.” Steelsy’s brother said, “the last thing we want is for you to derail our efforts.”

“True that.” Steelsy agreed before the two brothers turned to resume watching the moving scenery beyond their window. This was a sight you couldn’t get from anything else beyond a train. Especially watching how Mt. Rarity emerges and all.

And while this was good and all, Steelsy couldn’t help but wonder if he’s forgotten something. Probably not since he normally doesn’t miss anything important.

* * * * *

Back at Canterlot, we return to our intrepid protagonist taking his moment to get a meal. No doubt getting something that would give his body and mind fuel as well as keeping them both clean. And since Canterlot has grown, there are plenty of places to go and spend bits for a good meal. So, with a wide selection, there’s no doubt--

“Number 42, your order is ready!” The Changeling announced from behind the counter, pushing forward a large order of hay fries. Gallant approved of this, his horn glowing to collect the hay fries and then take his seat on the outside.

Just… hay fries? Really? Not even a burger to go along with it? A big side dish does not equate an entire meal. Also, couldn’t he have bothered to get a salad or something else--

“Don’t bug me, I’m eating,” Gallant said to no one in particular before digging in. Of course, nopony cares to read or hear about this one character eating a large order of hay fries with ketchup, mustard, and ranch.

To be honest, there was supposed to be something that happened by now--

Gallant’s eyes widened in shock when he saw a familiar face coming around his table’s direction. Despite the shock of seeing this figure, he managed to avoid choking on his food and swallowed it. You see if there was one creature in all of Canterlot-- scratch that, all of Equestria, that Gallant thrilled at spending time with, it was this figure. Back in the day, the two of them did all kinds of creative writings and had plenty of creative synergy.

Heck, this character used to be part of the group once. They provided a shot in the arm that kicked their novel off in the first place and gave them a foundation. A foundation that’s long since changed, of course, it’s been almost three years of course, but it’s still there mind you. So, if anypony could help Gallant out, it’d be this one.

The unicorn slightly smiled as the figure approached, “Bob!” He called out, yet was unheard. The red-colored earthpony stallion with a thinning mane just walked past him while his stuffed saddlebags clanked slightly.

Anypony could tell that Bob was probably busy and focused on other matters and didn’t have the time to chat or search for the source of the voice who called out his name. Now, if you knew Bob, you would know that he’s a family stallion on top of his own creative writing and having a job. So, odds are, he probably doesn’t have the time to chat.

So, Gallant would realize this, respect it, and then finish his… meal before going back to the library. I mean, time is a factor here and he knows it--

“Bob!” Gallant called out again, waving his forelegs this time to try and get the stallion’s attention… from behind. Yes, this was a perfectly sound strategy to him no doubt. But no doubt he’d--

‘What, is he deaf now?’ Gallant bitterly thought, before getting out of his seat and began to follow after Bob. “Bob! Hey! I’m trying to talk to you!”

Again, no response. Yet to Gallant’s (mis)fortune, there was a crosswalk ahead that would allow him to catch up. And so he did, getting right next to Bob who stared directly ahead and waited for the sign to change.

The unicorn, resisting a frown, waved his foreleg in front of the stallion to get his attention.

“Bob, hello? Equus to Bob - have you gone deaf?” Gallant asked, slightly annoyed.

Amazingly, this did the trick. Bob looked over to Gallant, a dull look in his eyes, to the Unicorn’s relief.

“Thank Twilight, I’ve been trying to get your attention for a solid few minutes,” Gallant said, ignorant of Bob’s blank stare. “You up for sitting around and catching up for a bit? It’s been awhile since we’ve talked and I figured, hey, why not? It’s not like I’m doing anything today.”


In any event, Bob’s blank stare continued to which Gallant continued to fail to take notice of. At best, what he managed to do was to finally notice Bob’s rather stuffed saddlebags. Not what they were for, mind you, just that Bob had his saddlebags with them.

“So… what do you say?” Gallant asked slowly and incredibly ignorant.

Ultimately, the unicorn would finally get his wish after all. Not only did he get Bob’s attention but Bob would respond to him.

“...” Bob muttered to Gallant, to which the unicorn titled his head to a side.

“What’d you say, Bob?” He asked, to which Bob repeated once more and then faced forward to see the sign now changed. He then walked ahead without so much of another word.

Gallant just stood there for a minute, watching Bob cross and head away. Away elsewhere into Canterlot to shop for his family. Surely, Gallant would realize this, feel shame, be humbled, and then head back to the library. The day isn’t over yet and there’s plenty of work to be done.

Surely he’s not this thick-headed--

“Eh, I’ll just have to check in with him later.” Gallant thought aloud, shrugging slightly before heading back to finish his fries; uncaring that they’ve no doubt gone cold.

...Because, why not, I suppose?

* * * * *

With his singular meal finished, Gallant made his way back to the library and to Conference Room D. While Gallant has had trouble today, surely with food in his belly and time away, he’s ready now to do something. Odds are, at the very least, one of his compatriots is prepared to be or has been productive.

Taking a breath, Gallant used his magic to open the door and--

“It’s Tempest Shadow!” Single Craft Appollo One declared at the top of his lungs like a ham.

Uh… what?

Gallant perplexed by the sudden declaration, after checking to see if anypony was glaring in his direction, entered the room and made sure to close it behind him. He was greeted by the sight of a cackling green Earthpony unicorn who was facing a large board - itself covered in bits of paper, pins, and threads (or was it twine?) - that had his attention beyond using a foreleg to try and push that cloth up.

“Yes, yes… it-” Single Appollo paused abruptly, looking at the board again. He seemed to consider something, “No, no it’s not Tempest Shadow. They’d expect that. No, it has to be… it’s Sweetie Belle! Yes, the tragedy of sisters–” he paused, “No, Moondancer! That would– wait, why not Luna? Yes it–”

Resolute Shield cleared his throat, his eyes fixated on a snowglobe that had a trio of silhouettes in it. Two very familiar reindeer, who, obviously, can’t be named, thanks to a certain mouse-owned media empire, and a cloaked, thistle-colored pony.

“Yes, you’re right, Shield. That would be foolish.” Single Appollo said, nodding yet not facing the hippogriff. “For the Pale Horse’s identity, for Weaver’s identity, there can only be one choice.” He grinned sinisterly, “It’s her. It’s Lauren Faust herself. Yes, yes... no one would expect that.”

Gallant blinked but ultimately decided that he was better off not asking. Instead, he turned his attention elsewhere. To his delight, it seemed that Downy was actually writing in his notebook. Okay, that meant he was being productive. Good.

Pleased at the sight of this, Gallant made his way over to Downy and took a seat directly opposite to him. Yet, before the unicorn could open his mouth, Downy, without breaking a sweat, handed him an envelope while he wrote with his mouth.

“You’ve got to be kidding,” Gallant said, his horn glowing as he accepted the envelope. “Downy, I’m literally right here. I can see you writing away in your notebook. Is it really that hard for you to talk to me? Or for you to act like you’re here?”

Downy said nothing, continuing his work. Nonplussed over there being no response, Gallant groaned, dragging his hoof down his face. He then opened the envelope, which he hoped beyond all else would have something, anything, adequate to say.

* * * * *

Dear Waxy Gallant,
I was busy having a spa day with the mayor.

Respectfully your friend–

* * * * *

Gallant didn’t even look as his magic tore and ripped the letter into multiple pieces. All he let out was a frustrated groan as his face was buried into the table, barring his horn of course. Regardless, it was evident by this point there was nothing he could do.

There wasn’t a single Tartarus forsaken pony in this conference room that was going to work with him here. He was left–

“So, friend Gallant,” Shield began, setting his snow globe gently aside.

He was left completely on his own here. If he had any hope to--

“I have an idea for our next arc,” Shield continued regardless of Galant muffled groaning from the table. “It would be to our benefit.”

Hope to get anything done, then he would need a miracle of inspiration to strike him. Something that--

“It would make for an impressive feat after arc nine.” Shield finished, with an enthusiastic grin.

Something that--

Galant sighed, lifting his head up to see the hippogriff. He lazily glanced at his compatriot, the unenthusiasm as clear as day.

‘Well, beggars can’t be choosers,’ The unicorn thought, brushing aside his irritation. ‘So, might as well just settle for this.’

Though to this day, Gallant has no idea what kind of accent Shield’s Equestrian has. Is it Mount Aris? Trottingham? Nhorse? Shetish? It doesn’t matter, really, since they’re all mostly used to it. But it’s very tempting to think about sometimes.

“Okay, Shield, what is it?” Gallant asked as the hippogriff continued to smile, “what do you have this time? Because we still need to figure out arc seven and--”

“Oh, I did it already, heh.” Shield said casually.

“Wait, what?”

“Yeah. I figured out the story for the next twenty arcs. Simultaneously. And the epilogue. And the epilogue’s epilogue.”

Well, this was a new development. Apparently some ponies were more productive than others. Despite that, Gallant managed to avoid giving Shield too much of a confused look.

“...Kay.” He said slowly, trying to refocus himself, “Well, I was thinking that--”

“Have Princesses Luna and Twilight be the main characters? Yeah, let's do that. They don’t get to do enough, heh.”

“Or we could just go with--”

"Them kissing on a magical date? Great. I already got blocks of prose ready to last plenty of chapters."

Gallant blinked, yet the disbelief was heavily evident all over his face.

“...What about Lyra?” He asked slowly, confusion warring with surprise.


“Lyra Heartstrings, you know, the unicorn mare – ugh, Princess Twilight’s old classmate who has a thing for humans?” Gallant asked, dumbfounded by Shield’s head tilt. “She’s the one who found Alex in the first place…?”

“Oh, right, her - her too I guess. Yeah, she does something soon, buut– ” Shield said, leaning back in his chair to reveal his “Star Hearts Moon” shirt depicting the two princesses’ cutie marks in a large, cartoonish heart. This was possible since his jacket was unbuttoned, “Everyone knows who’s really important.”

“I…” Gallant tried to say something in response, yet found himself struggling to think of anything. He turned to Downy who paused his writing to flip the notebook’s page. “Downy, please tell me you heard that and I’m not crazy.”

Downy responded by reaching for an envelope, yet gave it to Shield instead. Shield then proceeded to open it to get the letter and then read it aloud, “Dear Friend Gallant, Downy regrets not helping you clean the dishwasher. He was at an animation workshop. Did you know that The Thief And The Cobbler took thirty years to animate? Downy does, now. He’ll be there next time.” He then set the letter back into the envelope and looked to a rather dumbfounded Gallant.

Without missing a beat, Shield reached to his left and pulled out a thick notebook, “I have copied notes into this copy so you could read them.” He set them onto the table, with a small thud. “Should give you plenty to work with for the chapter.”

While this has been a rather weird string of moments, Gallant no doubt can remain composed enough despite all that. After all, he should be happy that Shield has gone above and beyond in his efforts without so much as being asked. Any group leader, regardless of what just happened, could take a moment to say something before losing it.

He should--

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Gallant screamed, before his chair rolled under him and caused him to fall not only straight on his back, but also out of it and hit his head on the floor.

This caused Shield to blink in surprise, leaning over to see Gallant staring up at the ceiling while groaning - out of pain, disbelief, confusion, frustration, take your pick. Despite this, Shield just shrugged, before turning back to his snowglobe and shaking it.

Well, at least someone was productive today.

* * * * *

After recovering from his surprises, Gallant resolved to do the best course of action. While he would read Shield’s thick notebook copy, he first decided to read “important material” instead to kickstart his creativity. Doing this, he reasoned, would probably inspire him in some way; a new plotline or degree of character development.

Besides, the day wasn’t over just yet. So, there was a--

“Heh! That was an awesome volume.” Gallant remarked to himself, finishing the collection of old Power Ponies comics. If only all literature was as entertaining as comics, then you’d have more readers since comics are always a good investment. He should know after all, since he’s--

Nope. He’s wrong there. Just… read a book; while it has text, the text let’s you interpret and read it anyway you’d like. Pictures aren’t needed so long as you have an imagination and a sense of creativity. Especially if it’s well written, you’ll lose all manner of time going through it.

Give normal books a chance is all.

Before Gallant could dive into the next part of his “important material” he (thankfully) took notice of a familiar figure nearby. Said figure was an occasional collaborator and group member who actually worked in a library… if a bit strange, to be honest.

Please note that his strangeness was his character and personality rather than his personage. For this character, as they were stacking some books on a nearby shelf, is a pony but has a clear Kirin ancestry. Despite their brown coloring, the features of the Kirin - bushy mane that wraps around the head, a curved horn that might branch like a tree, slightly longer ears, scaly carapaces on the muzzle, and thin tail - are fairly evident. And yet the one thing that sums up the whole of it all, is the name.

The name of--

Smiling Service,” Gallant said, getting out of his seat and approaching the librarian. Said librarian finished putting some books onto their shelves using his magic before turning to see the approaching unicorn.

“Ah, Waxy Gallant. Good to see you.” Service said casually as usual, “I take it you’re in need of some reading?”

“Well, I think I got that covered,” Gallant said proudly yet was oblivious of the incredulousness on the librarian’s face.

“You sure? Because I think I could grant you something that would be to your benefit. It’s my job after all.” Service commented to which Gallant nodded, “well then, so much for me getting two of my friends interested today rather than one. Then again, Bob is a usually--”

“What about Bob?” Gallant immediately demanded asked looking dead on to the librarian. “What’d he get? Did he say anything about writing?”

“Bob and I merely chatted for a moment before I provided a book he and his family would enjoy.” Service explained to the unicorn, “it’s nothing you would particularly be interested in.”

“Well, what was it?” Gallant demanded asked impatiently with a hint of frustration.

“All we talked about were some ideas for our future collaborations on--” And like that, Gallant lost interest. While both Bob and Service were a talented pair of storytellers, Gallant found himself uninterested in their sole collaborations.

Mumble mumble, original work-”

Of course, this was not their fault since Gallant can’t seem to look beyond his barrel most times. And this time was no exception since he hasn’t had any luck collaborating (at least, his definition of) for the novel. Although, it was mainly his fault since he failed to take advantage of what he could today.

Mumble mumble, Downy was excited about-”

“Wait, wait, wait.” Gallant shook his head, his mind now recognizing something crucial. “Downy? As in Mr ‘I talk in letters and was busy due to attending a rock show in the middle of nowhere?’ That Downy? He expressed an emotion? About writing?

“Are you kidding? Downy was going on and on about his work with Bob,” Service said.

“...You’re kidding.” Gallant said, silently hoping that this was a joke by the librarian. “Please tell me you’re joking.”

“Nah, he’s a pretty talkative guy. He had a lot of interesting thoughts on how autism is treated in society and how to properly write autistic characters. You really… get the impression he could talk about this sort of thing for hours, y’know? He said he was at this presentation about it once, and he really felt like he could do a better job.”

Gallant’s eye twitched.

“Did he have anything to say to me?” He asked, trying not to lose it again. “Or, about me? Just… anything to mention?”

Service paused, tapping his cloved forehoof to his chin in thought. There was a pregnant pause before Service’s eyes lighted and horn glowed slightly.

“Yes, actually.” He answered which gave Gallant relief. A relief that may just turn this day around for him after everything he--

A large cardboard box came off of the library cart. It was set gently before Gallant and, since it was open, allowed to see its contents. It was full of nothing but envelopes, all sealed, and addressed to him.

And that could only mean one thing.

‘It’s lore related.’ Gallant thought, reaching for the single non-enveloped letter with his magic as he felt nothing but dread. He unfolded it and began to read.

* * * * *

Dear Waxy Gallant,
Apparently, the idea of the ‘Harvester’ ship is now a thing - I have many interesting lore ideas, and so I wanted to run them by you. I know how separate my work is, but I don’t want you to be out of the loop - or worse, to end up writing something horrifically immoral and have you guys react in shock or horror when I bring it up.

I have provided the following list of concepts for everyone’s perusal - I want to be sure they all work for us.

Respectfully your friend,
Downy Quill

* * * * *

Attached were several pages of writing, written in very small hoofwriting. Gallant could make out the phrases ‘Control was fun,’ ‘More Sharlto Copley,’ ‘Montreal Incident,’ and ‘Bermuda’. Attached were several drawings of various characters, a diagram of some kind of weapon that looked like a crossbow, a very large butt, and an architectural visualization.

‘Oh yeah. I forgot he was our artist,’ Gallant dimly thought as he looked through the pages.

“It’s a good thing he decided to stay in touch,” Service said. “You really get the impression he values clear communication.”

“How…” Gallant said, through short, ragged breaths, “would anypony. Get the impression that--”

Service reached over to the final page of the manuscript, and pointed to the final line.

“I truly value clear communication with you guys. At the end of it all, I think we’ve learned so many friendship problems can be solved that way.”

Well, at least he cares. And despite what Gallant must be feeling, he should understand and realize the importance of Downy going through all this trouble. I mean, it’s not like--

“Now, speaking of lore, I do have an extensive concept in mind that would help.” Service said, unaware of Gallant’s head and eye twitching. “Now, as you know…”

‘Wherever Autumn is, at least she’s having a worse day than I am.’ Gallant thought, ignoring tuning out Service’s latest horrific concept - probably about an abandoned and haunted hotel or something related. One gets used to hearing this kind of thing every now and then.

* * * * *

"I hate the public. The public is stupid," Autumn Breeze grumbled, her face flat against her desk. Okay, maybe that was being a bit hyperbolic, but it seemed like some dummies couldn’t read something when it was right in their faces. In bold print no less.

But that was why she was here. She had to help these poor morons because they were too impatient to do things the right way.

The truly titanic stack of paperwork that had been foisted up her was finally conquered, all envelopes licked and stamped, all approval forms sent, all rejection letters sent (her least favorite part of this occupation), and all the little notes and other little things in this bureaucratic process processed. The important work was all done.

It would be a while before anything else would be happening…

So she looked around, checking to make sure everyone was still in their little cubicles so she was in the clear. She pulled a drawer in her desk open, and underneath a pile of funny shaped sticky notes, brightly colored pens (because who says office work should be colorless? Boomers, that’s who!), and folders and binders with all of the department director’s ideas for the department, was a single book.

The title stood out in a personal font - Nightmare Born. The subtitle was written, He will stop at nothing to claim what is rightfully his.

The cover depicted a tall, strong, virile stallion with dark eyes, a hoof around a smaller mare’s neck. The mare herself wore a long flowing gown adorned with flowers, looking like some naive innocent.

Which was the whole point of the story really.

Doing one more check, she made sure she was clear to read, and opened the book up.

Autumn bit her lip and hummed in want. She knew how utterly terrible this was, really - the heroine was kidnapped from her life, the “romantic lead” himself was a cruel and selfish stallion with no qualms about murdering his rivals or anyone else who got in his way. She was utterly dependent on him for reasons beyond her control, however, and he would force her to do things, and she would always end up giving in after putting up some token resistance.

But hot dang, if it didn’t have some amazing feels.

The passion, the excitement, the thrills! And the heroine wasn’t a total doormat; she could be sassy when she needed to be, plus she was softening the dark, broody stallion’s dark and cold heart through her kind and gentle nature…

Autumn sighed, her thoughts drifting a bit to the thought of herself as the heroine of some grand romance, swept off her hooves by a tall, dark, and slightly jerkish stallion who was also… gifted in certain areas. Ugh, why couldn’t the dumb colts in her boring life be like these stallions? Or at least like her celebrity “fantasy daddies”?

(And for that matter, why the hay was she so into these things? They were terrible, with terrible messages! And she wrote some of her own too, all so terrible, yet amazing, and her readers ate them up.)

“Hiiiiiyaaaaaa, Autumn!”

That voice…

Dread came over the mare as she scrambled to put the book out of view. A skinny green unicorn stallion with a black mane came in from the left side of her cubicle, smiling too wide for her liking. He was holding his thermos close; all that caffeine probably made him this way - far too friendly, trying too hard.

“Are you slacking off here?” the stallion named Council asked playfully.

Ugh, why was this stallion who was only a few years away from collecting his pension trying to interact with her? Was he trying to be in with “the cool crowd” or something?

Autumn kept her cool, but her annoyance was still visible as she replied, “I don’t know, but I know I’m seeing somepony who is.”

“Geeze,” Council recoiled, “you are so mean!”

Autumn grinned and added, “Well, my proudest moment did include making a five year old colt cry. And frankly, he deserved it after he said fillies are stupid.”

“Oh my goodness, how could--” Council began yet stopped as his eyes took notice of something. A wry smile began to form on his face as a cocky look appeared in his eyes. What was he looking--

“I didn’t know you were a fan of those books, Autumn,” he said in a blasé mood.

It was then that Autumn realized what he was looking at - the book. The book that was still on her desk for anypony to see. The book that she went to such great lengths to hide, or not be seen reading.

“Does your coltfriend know about these?”

Autumn could only think of one thing in response. Just one that best summed up what the aftermath of this would be.

‘Oh buck.’

* * * * *

Well, it was late in the day now. Sure, the sun was still up but anypony could tell that it wouldn’t be for much longer. Despite this, there was still a chance that something could get done or at the very, very least started. All it took was a matter of effort and--

“Will you shut up?” Gallant complained before munching on his dinner which were more hay fries. No, still no burger or anything else; just hay fries. He chewed his food, annoyed, before trying to say something.

Now, if he had waited to finish chewing, swallow his food, and then talked, then the following could be heard. Namely, “Today was a total dud and all it got me was pain and insanity.”

Instead, it sounded more like, “Tuff stotal duff n’ got me was aim n’ in saw key.”

The unicorn should be happy that there wasn’t anypony around to be thoroughly repulsed by his terrible table manners. And even then, the day still is not over just yet. He could still figure out some kind of solution based on what was available to him; after all, he had that thick notebook from Shield and that box from Downy.

While it might not be direct, face to face, collaboration, this was still a workable option. Gallant could read what his fellows had provided him and use that as a foundation to draw from and write. It was a simple solution that anyone could work with - even that one statue of those three who refused to change their ways.


“Nope.” Gallant said painly, having finished his hayfries and, using his magic, collected his trash, the… no. No, you can’t be serious.

“I told you,” the unicorn began, tossing the trash, box, and notebook into the garbage. “Today was a total dud and all I got from it was hurting. I’m going back to my dorm room and doing nothing. I’m entitled this after all the horseapples I’ve had to endure.”

Okay, that is not even remotely accurate.

“And you’ve been a terrible… what are you? A narrator? Narration?” Gallant asked, having already begun his walk back to his dorm room. At the very least, he didn’t have to lug around either the notebook or box anymore. “You can’t seem to decide on whether or not it’s third person or third person. Who’s thoughts are these? Mine?”

That’s not important.

“Like you.”

Could you bother to apply yourself to something outside of your own self interests? You have had plenty of opportunities today to be productive or do something. Today was a wonderful day and you squandered it because you couldn’t see what wasn’t beyond your own barrel.

“Not my fault that nothing has gone my way,” Gallant protested as he passed by a confused pegasus mare with a pink coat and light blue colored mane and tail. “And I’ll have you know, getting inspired is a lot harder than you think it is.”

You threw out plenty of material from your friends. Your argument is not only baseless but invalid. And you know that better than anypony.

“Yeah, well your face is stupid.” The unicorn muttered at a crosswalk, watching as carriages passed by. He felt so alone; so isolated with nothing in his corner. He had nopony to collaborate with for the novel.

Eventually, the sign changed and allowed for Gallant to continue his walk and sulking. Completely ignorant of any or all who crossed his path, like the unicorn mare who had a leaf green coat with a matching stripe of the color that carried over into her sky blue mane and tail. Or the apparently anthropomorphic white wolf that walked upright and wore clothing.


“You’re giving me a headache, leave me alone.” Gallant snapped, almost reaching his destination. “I don’t know anyone you mention, so quit doing that and go away.”

If only, you twit.

Gallant groaned, annoyed and frustrated, before deciding to sit on the dorm’s steps. How could everything get so hard, so fast?

‘Honestly, couldn’t today have worked with me instead of not?’ The unicorn thought bitterly, ‘makes me feel like I need to do everything myself--’

The thought never finished. The reason why it never finished was because, after a day of mishaps and squandered opportunities, Waxy Gallant finally got inspired.


“Can’t talk, gotta write.” Gallant said, rising off of the steps and heading straight into the dorm and didn’t stop until he got inside of his room. Once there, he took off his saddlebags, sat down at his desk, summoned a notebook, quill and inkwell from his desk, and got to work.

Took him long enough, but at least he’s finally being productive.

* * * * *

Unfortunately, by the time he finished filling a page, Gallant heard a knock on his door.

‘Who could that be?’ He thought, quill suspended in magic. Following another series of knocks, Gallant sighed, put his quill down, and walked over to the door.

“Listen, whoever you are, now isn’t--” While the unicorn did have a speech worked out to chastise whomever decided to bother him while he was writing. Unfortunately, it was not something simple like a dorm mate deciding to talk about something.

Of all things, it was a blue griffon in golden armor. And with him were some ponies in suits. Ponies in suits that had rather dull and deadpan (maybe apathetic?) expressions.

“Uh… can I help you?” Gallant asked, confused yet dreading what this might mean.

“Waxy Gallant?” The guardsgriffon asked, to which Gallant nodded to. “These ponies represent Canterlot Publishing House and they’ve got business with you.”


“Mister Gallant, we have you pegged for a lion’s share of copyright infringement.” The lead pony, sounding somewhat Manehatten, said to Gallant’s confusion.

“What copyright infringement?”

“Moondancer, smiling cultists, the Kirin, Tirek, among others.”

“Uh, no, that was just blind luck. Or parallel thinking.” Gallant said in response, “just because we managed to figure something out first doesn’t mean we’re infringing on your copyright.”

“Regardless, you’ve been served.” The lead suit pony said, the guardsgriffon giving a stack of documents to Gallant who looked over them in disbelief. Not helped by the fact that he wasn’t the only one getting served.

The entire group was.

“You’re expected in court. See you soon.” The lead pony said, before the three of them and the guardsgriffon departed without any further word. Just leaving Gallant to stand in the dorm’s hall stunned over this turn of events.

“Well…” Gallant said, despair and woe covering him like a fine cloak, “that just figures, doesn’t it?”

It does. But, at least, this isn’t the only possible ending.

“Ending? What are you--”

* * * * *

It had surely been hours since he’d started writing. And he’d been writing without any interruptions - not even something like getting sued!

“What are you going on about?” Gallant asked, finishing another page and pausing to dab his quil into the inkwell. “Why would I get sued?”

Don’t worry about it, Gallant. Just focus on writing as long as you can before you need to call it a night. Make the most of what you have right now and then you can rest. Moments like these are fleeting.

“Well, right now I’m going to take a break.” The Unicorn said, getting out of his desk and stretching slightly. “Sitting in these are always so uncomfortable… I’ll get stiffer than wood if I spend another hour in them.”

Using his magic, Gallant called an apple to him and began to eat it. It was comforting that this one was not going to smash into the back of his head and send him tumbling down steps. No, this time he was going to just enjoy this fruit and relax a little bit.

In fact, Gallant was so relaxed, he failed to notice the door to the shared bathroom that he and his roommate used open slowly. Just enough to let the arrow loaded in its crossbow have a clear target. Thus, when Gallant took another bite, the crunching sound would cover the arrow’s launch and landing.

Which it did.

Gallant collapsed into a heap on the floor; his mouth open with semi-chewed apple bits as the tranquilizer tipped arrow stuck out of the back of his head. The apple fell to the ground, no longer suspended in magic, with the unicorn rather confused why he couldn’t close his mouth.

‘Oh right, there’s an arrow on the back of me.’ He realized dully, as drool started to leap onto the floor. ‘How’d that happen?’

“You should’ve heard me when I was once again asking for that one scene to be looked over, Gallant, mate, but I am no longer asking.”

With scant energy left since he was… dying and all, Gallant managed to look and see the door to his bathroom open fully to see not his roommate. No, instead, it was a hippogriff who had an empty crossbow in his claw.

‘Resolute Shield?’ Gallant thought dully.

“It’s time,” he said, simply.

Gallant could only really watch as the hippogriff proceeded to open the door wide and then bow slightly. From the bathroom came a fluffy, cream-colored cat with golden eyes.

“It’s done, my master.” Shield said, the cat not responding. Instead, he chose to sit before the paralyzed Gallant so that the unicorn could only see a deadpan expression.

And what would Leo the cat say in his triumph?


Okay, we’ll need one more try.

* * * * *

Alex stood in the remains of New York City. Despite his torn and burnt camo, he stood unharmed. For he had an aura of pure magic! An aura that no sword or two bit spell could get past to harm his human plus tissue.

To think, it was thanks to Sombra trying to ensnare his mind. Raving idiot didn’t expect his rune power to make him Superman. Or whatever the Power Ponies version was.

As Alex stood, his mother’s pendant glittering with power, his battered enemy growled like the whorse she is. Queenie was bruised and bloodied, and with her wings broken it wasn’t like she was going anywhere else.

It was time to finish this.

Pulling his modified colt action pistol from its holster, Alex immediately took aim and prepared to fire. These bullets would slice through her like a hot knife through ice cream; goddamn are runes awesome.

Queenie snarled in pain from the bullets, Alex bringing his last ready to bear. However, before he could quip and end this whole thing, something happened.

The bag around her neck pulsed. While Queenie smiled as the bag opened and a dark power emerged, she found herself frowning as the smokey looking tendrils wrapped around her and started to–

“You serious?” Shield asked, looking up from the notebook. “This is the best you got from our notes?”

Gallant, sitting back in his chair, shrugged at him.

“They were okay and all, but they needed a little more… exciting.” The unicorn said, to which the assembled - Resolute Shield, Single Craft Appollo One, and Downy Quill - all were incredulous over. “I mean, come on, Reiner having a grudge match with Queen Celestia is the obvious move here.”

The three exchanged looks, Downy making his move by handing a letter to Shield.

“Dear Friend Gallant, I'm sorry I wasn't around for this ending, but I just got bored.” Shield read to which Gallant scoffed at.

“Really? Not even any silly excuse, like having to go iron your Pinkie Pie costume?” He said, causing Downy to frown at him.

“That’d be ridiculous. You need to hoofwash it.”

“Right, well I-- wait what is this now?” Gallant asked.

Downy had actually spoken.

“Look, can you really blame me here? I mean, this ending just goes on and on, and I feel so locked out and uninspired by Re… iner here," Downy continued. “Where’re all the other characters? Why is it that Re… iner is the only one who can save the day? He’s not the only one around.”

“Well, he’s important isn’t he? He’s the one who got to Equestria and all.”

“And what’s even the deal with the runes?” Downy continued still. “I mean, the first chapter sets up that there’s something evil about them, but did we just forget about that? As far as I can tell, they can basically make anyone into one-punch stallion with no drawbacks. That’s a broken-ass ability.”


“Why is Queen Celestia forced into a sausage grinder?” Single Appollo asked, “wouldn’t Equestria try to save her?”

“Well, that’s a bit naive. This is a war and all.”

“It’s a story that has humans running around fighting ponies; why would it be realistic in that way?” Downy asked Gallant, to which the unicorn…

“I… huh,” Gallant drawled before blinking. “Well, it’s… I mean-- you know how--”

“Friend Gallant, I ought to be honest – this is… not good.” Shield said upfront if a bit blunt, “if we end the novel like this, no one will like it.”

“Well, we--”

“I'm just not sure that a version of Alex like this is what we'd want in a protagonist, is all.” Downy said, cutting the stumped unicorn off. “He gets everything handed to him - power, admiration, status - even though I can never really connect the dots to how he got there. This would… realistically, this wouldn't be a healthy person. I'd think, if we're going to have a hero who's this broken, let's let him be broken. Being realistic isn’t the issue, the issue is that we don’t feel real."

That last sentence made more sense to Gallant than it logically should have.

“I…” Rather than trying to retort or argue any further, the unicorn just sighed. “Yeah, you guys are right. This was a bad idea - I should have stuck to what you gave me instead of ignoring it.”

“Tis alright, Gallant. At the very least, your heart was in the right place.” Single Appollo said before adjusting his “horn” and reaching over to pull out a notebook from his saddlebag. “It’s never too late to try again.”

Taking a moment to look at the three, and reflect on everypony else who wasn’t in the building, Gallant gave a small smile out of relief. He was so blessed to have friends that could bring him around so that he could avoid terrible stuff like this.

“Alright guys,” The unicorn began as he pulled a new notebook, quill, and inkwell from his saddlebags. “Let’s get to work.”

* * * * *

Author’s Note:

Resolute Shield: Hello there :twilightsmile: pardon the gap between Act Two and Three, but trust me, we are still working on it – all I can say is that it’ll be the first real divergence, by virtue of the previous version being Sons of Legacies.

This is a little screenshot into our day to day at Team Spectrum, with some liberties taken! I do have a cute little furball, who doesn’t do anything but look cute and be harmless, but I love him anyway, isn’t that right, Leo?


Alright! Also, I can also assure you, while I do adore Luna, I do not intend to subvert the agenda with more Twiluna or to take Gallant’s place, that’s just silly, hah!

the cat made me do it

That part with the planning is true, though, we got arcs planned out already, chapters with scenes written in advance, and there’s so much to cover - we even have the ending scenes planned, yay!

There’s plenty of stuff going on in the Acts, too! Guilt-free genocide, but it’s okay, because our heroes are doing it! Lyra sidelined in favor of the real hero, Marc- Alex! War crimes! Galatea’s wacky romantic adventures! And more, so much more!

Stay tuned, folks, ride’s just getting started :pinkiecrazy:

Luna is still Best Princess

Downy Quill: I am aware of the irony that my whole gag here is being absent and doing things offscreen, when I was actually very involved here.

Funny thing about the various excuses - a spa day with the mayor, broken back, music festival in the middle of nowhere? This is all stuff that actually happened during the writing process for Spectrum, in one form or another. Except it wasn’t the mayor, it was my congresswoman.

And that guest was a jerk. Who even walks into actor space at a haunted house? Or goes to haunted houses while drunk? Come on.

Smiling Service: Hello everyone. Now I have to say, whilst I am always happy to help - after all, it’s what I do here - that I do feel rather unappreciated. There’s so much I have to say and quite a lot I can offer but I just end up getting cut off, or have to attend to something else. That aside, I am glad to contribute and help out as I can, even if it looks like no-one wants to listen to me.

That’s the problem with working behind the scenes of something, I suppose. No-one is supposed to notice you unless they need something from you. Still, it’s the job I do.

Autumn Breeze: I… am…


Love is what makes the world go round and I believe it triumphs over all in the end! :heart:

But remember, dear readers, books like Nightmare Born are simply fantasies, and dark ones at that! And yes, it’s a dark one, but unlike a… certain other horrible story, it does not at all shy away from showing the effects of extreme situations on the psyche and the consequences of obsession. Be mindful of that! Live deliciously! Even when the public is being stupid!

Appollo One (Single Craft): So… Is that it? Are they all gone? Is everybody gone? Oh, good. I can start talking sensibly again. If only for a moment.

You can’t begin to imagine how tiring it gets, putting on an act. Frankly, I don’t believe Gallant is aware of half the networking I do, just to keep this story afloat. Yes, networking with the otherworld. It’s real. I mean, Gallant doesn’t even know my real name…

…Though to be fair, nobody does, myself included.

Frankly, you’d think they’d be more wary, around someone who’s got a proven history of archiving everything more obsessively than Tricky Dick. Fools. Something about a conspiracy with a hippogriff masterminded by a cat? If only they knew. For years now, I’ve been the bad angel on Resolute’s shoulder. Despite what he says, he’ll be subverting the agenda with TwiLuna soon enough. Because isn’t that just the worst thing I’ve tempted him into. The very worst.

And if you’re wondering why I’d tell you all this now, well, isn’t it always the way, under the guise of farce, you can say things you’d never say otherwise, and people will be none the wiser for it.

But already I hear them returning. I must resume my guise. Thus as always, behold, a piquant phrase to end upon, dear friends.

~Fire Walk With Me

Waxy Gallant: Well, that was a long day. A long day where a… seriously, what was that? A narrator? Narration? Discord? Also, I’m kinda getting bad vibes from Shield… seriously, I had a bad dream or something where his cat showed up.


But, despite all that, I managed to get Downy Quill to say something. And considering how many letters I’ve had to read, I’ll take that as a Twilight send. Seriously, how does he afford all the bits to buy that much paper?

(Legally! ~Downy Quill)

Err, anyway, we’ve got stuff in the works for the next arc. We’re incredibly grateful for your patience as we get things in order and adjust to the usual curveballs life sends our way. I swear, you’d expect Princess Twilight and the Council of Friendship could make things less crazy in Equestria.

In any case, you know the usual,

Seize the day, everypony.

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Hey, always lovely getting some insight into the craziness that is Spectrum (as much as you can call this insight).

And while this was good and all, Steelsy couldn’t help but wonder if he’s forgotten something. Probably not since he normally doesn’t miss anything important.

Dammit, too soon.

Ah, a glimpse into what the original ending for Other Side was going to be. Do I detect some smouldering resentment still?

This was a fun little ride. Always lovely to see a little peek behind the curtain, even with a big dash of parody.


I wouldn't say smouldering. Burning would be more appropriate - as, well, evidenced by the jab at what in hindsight was probably one of the arcs we're less fond of - Sons of Legacies.

Glad you've enjoyed this bit :twilightsmile: And aye, it's a veeeery rough approximation of what we've been up to. To Vox's credit, though, he's actually done so much more, too. So, you could say if this was a little bit longer, he'd be the stallion behind the cat behind the hippogriff.

Ah yes, the one where Marcus absorbed all of Spike's and Cadance's relevance in the Crystal Empire arc to he could become a human alicorn and have a one on one throwdown with Sombra. Or something. Can't quite remember much more that that since even when I re-read Other Side (because there are parts in it that I still like) I usually skip that arc.


Got it right in one - and I believe it was so he can go one on one against the Queen herself, too. Consider Cadance's considerably expanded role in 2.0 as our apology :twilightsheepish:

I believe the polite British/American thing here would be to politely decline the apology with lots of "oh you shouldn't haves" and "its okay, please don't feel obligated on my account's."

But I'm Dutch, so I'm just going to be blunt and say Yes please! More Cadance! :pinkiehappy:


Though the spotlight changes, she's here to stay :rainbowdetermined2:

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