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stoopid · 2:52pm Apr 7th, 2019

Wow, looks like I haven't been on here in at least a month. But that's only because I'm on mobile and my phone decides to be stupid at least twice a day, so when I load this site...it doesn't load. It's just a black screen. Either the site is glitched up, or my phone is finally meeting its end.

It was good knowing you, LG X-power. I'll most definitely miss your antics, such as your disappearing keyboard trick.

Anyway, some updates:

I'm not that much of a fanfic writer anymore. Man, I even had dreams of publishing a MLP fanfic. That was when I was twelve and didn't know better. I still don't know better because I'm hardly working on my current project, and that project is going to make me look twelve.

My Google Assistant is stupid. So I listen to music with my earbuds in constantly, which may explain my inability to make out basic conversation, and with the slightest move of the jack, Google Assistant's like, hey, heard the jack moved, WHEN IT'S SAFE YOU FIRST NEED TO TAP THE NOTIFICATION, THEN YOU CAN LET HEADSETS WORK WITH THE GOOGLE ASSISTANT. It happens when I turn my phone off, too. And it's always because of the earbuds. I've found every possible way to turn it off and it STILL comes up. Assistant is going to show up in my nightmares soon.

Well, that was Episode One of Liz's Phone Is Stupid.

(Yes, I tried restarting a bajillion times.)

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