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James Stewart and the brilliant film "Harvey". · 9:32pm Apr 6th, 2019

The subtle brilliance that is the alley scene.

This user review on IMDB says it best.

I have read that James Stewart considered Elwood P. Dowd his most personally significant role. In a career that spanned decades and included such great works at It's a Wonderful Life and Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, choosing Harvey's friend, Elwood, as his personal favorite says something about rather powerful about Mr. Stewart and Mr. Dowd.

James Stewart was a down to earth, decent man whose personal life was as honorable as the lives of George Bailey and Jefferson Smith - but he admired Elwood P. Dowd, an alcoholic dreamer with an invisible giant white rabbit as his best friend. Not what you would expect of a man who piloted B-17's and led giant raids over Germany in WWII.

Elwood's attraction for us is perhaps what attracted him so much to James Stewart. Elwood is happy with himself and his life and even more importantly, he makes others happy with their lives. That is the great magic of Elwood and Harvey: they make others happy and they bring peace and a measure of contentment to almost everyone who know them.

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This scene always makes me happier, and I can't articulate why.

You my friend. is a dictionary's worth of history and i can never believe of how odd-inspiring all those blogs are, no really the 'Dick Dale' blog. i just searched who that guy is and you were like honoring his death in march 2019, so yeah!

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