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Outbreaks · 7:31am Mar 14th, 2019

So, completely unrelated to MLP, um, measles outbreaks in about 100 countries as of the first of March, I know in February 3 countries reported Polio in February, like 30 states and and Washington DC have reported Mumps outbreaks, so uh, what are ya'lls view on these outbreaks and vaccination?

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Anti vaxxers aren't exactly the brightest bulbs in the bunch. :trixieshiftright:

Yeah, kinda mad at excuses like vaccines cause autism, as it makes people like my little brother or I feel extremely unaccepted and hated as it makes some people think that we're wrong and a fuck up

You have autism? Me, too.

Yeah, I have Aspergers, and I don't know what my little brother has, we only have a tenitive diagnosis for him

As someone who hails from the same country as the disgraced, medically incompetent idiot responsible for that whole 'vaccines cause autism' bollocks. Let me just say, I am so sorry. :fluttercry: While there may be some merit in the concern that a small minority had an allergic reaction to the MMR jab, there is no evidence whatsoever that proves such junk science. But I think we must go with the wise words of Mark Twain; 'Never try to argue with a stupid person. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with their experience'. :ajbemused: I think House had the best response to the anti-vaccine movement:

I agree House's arguement was well put and entertaining, but please don't apologize for someone who thinks having a kid be highly inteligent yet socially recluded is worse than having your kid die at the fucking age of six...

Either way their soon to be 200,000 USD in debt due to the amount of children suzed coffins needed to fit their 3 ticking time bombs... I'm sorry that was really dark... Yet not sorry :trixieshiftright:

What ticks me off worse is that these "parents" see their child with symptoms of Measles, mumps, Polio, etc and are like, "No, they're fine, they'll recover with our "enter completely hoax thing to heal with" (excluding faith, cause I don't want this to turn into religious feud) and will get better, but those vaccines will kill him, or give an allergy or autism (which is FUCKING bs, the entire Vaccines cause Autism debat started with a real, yet inaccurate paper written by a "doctor" who lost his licence to practice medicine and the people who helped write the paper also lost their medical licences shortly after the paper was published) my child's natural immune system will keep them safe... I feel really bad for the poor children that have these parents, ir children that caught measles or mumps because they were imuno-comprimised, I hope that by any miracle that the WHO or CDC manages to help these children

5027824 Ah yes, I too have enjoyed the peculiar nonsense of 'Autism Speaks'. :pinkiecrazy: They're like the anti-vaccine nutters, but so much worse. :rainbowderp: Check out this BS. Even Trump doesn't make me feel the need to do random acts of violence like this ad does.

I'm not sure which is worse, the opening that seems to make autism sound like a death sentence and any autistic person a burden to those around them, or the part that wants to 'cure' a slightly different way of thinking.

The stupid thing is, about forty or fifty years ago, when we were supposedly less tolerant of others, people with autism were just noted as being a little odd. My Dad is most certainly on the spectrum, as am I. But where he has friends, colleagues and a perfectly normal life, this diagnosis now makes it harder for me to find work or be taken seriously by some people. It feels like we've actually slid backwards now that autism has been identified and codified into the public knowledge. :fluttercry:

I'm sorry, but I just hope people soon come to understand one another, and not just murder anyone who thinks differently... Cause say goodbye to our leading scientists and intelligent researchers

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