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The bad, the good, and the annoying · 6:42am Nov 5th, 2012

Crappity crap crap.

I finally managed to finish plotting out the next chapter of "Myou've", I blocked out enough time to type it out, I hauled my laptop to my friendly neighbourhood coffee shop to avoid all the distractions of my bookshelves...

... And my laptop's hard drive craps out.

Maybe it's the temperature; maybe some cat hair; maybe it's just gotten too old. I've let it warm up, pulled out the screwdrivers to pull it out and. Lean the connections, and so on... But it looks like I'll be hauling the thing into the shop tomorrow. With luck, I'll just have to pay for a bit of labour for them to run some disk-fix software. With less luck, I'll need to buy a new hard-disk and copy my old data onto it... And I really hope I don't have worse luck than that.

On a more positive note, I've gotten an idea for a one-chapter story, which could be doable as either a side-story to "Myou've" or be entirely independent; I might write it up to leave either option open. My preliminary title is "Hopestone". I'm willing to try new ways of writing with it, such as editors or beta readers, if anyone reading this wants to suggest anyone.

(Man, it's annoying to use an iPhone's onscreen keyboard instead of touch-typing.)

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Comments ( 2 )

Best of luck on the hard drive front. I've had that happen to me once or twice.

Bad luck on the harddrive front, have you ever used dropbox? You set it up to automatically sync and backup stuff, its saved my but several times. http://db.tt/75gVxgs

I'd be interested in doing beta reading, I don't have much experience but I can give it a shot. :scootangel:

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