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Shimmering Thunder

Because there is sadness, we cherish happiness. And because there is anger, kindness is born.

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  • 1 week
    Is there hope for the hopeless?

    You know when you read posts about people having problems with writing their stories, some taking even years to update? I am definitely one of those people. Based on your experience, is there any hope for me to ever get them done? And more importantly, should I just push them through nad get done with them, or procrastinate forever, trying to satisfy myself with the quality of the stories first,

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  • 3 weeks
    An old piece of work

    I just thought I would share this here. It's an old draft of mine I never finished. What do you think? Should I continue it or do you want to adopt the story?


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  • 5 weeks
    About the previous blog I already deleted...

    Not many people saw that and maybe it's better that way. I still feel awful, but I don't want to leave a blog like that out there. I just need to go day by day and try to focus on the good things in life...

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  • 8 weeks
    I just wrote two new chapters

    But unfortunately they are not for neither Project Ghost or Surprisingly Sweet. (my PinkieShy fic) They were actually for the sequel of The Power Within. But I ran into a funny issue. I kinda need some help with a little song writing. I'm no composer or anything myself and I don't really want to borrow bits and pieces from other songs. The songs would be short and something along the lines of

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  • 9 weeks
    Nobody will never understand me

    I always like to think people are different. Every single one of us. We are all unique. But... Are we really? I mean, I definitely am a unique one, but I feel like everybody around me are all the same. They follow the exact same mind pattern and have almost identical life choices. And I share none of them.

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A new username? · 5:24am January 9th

I'm currently considering changing my username. Why? Well, the name Shimmering Thunder actually came way before the character. It was originally just my username and nothing else. But then I started writing The Power Within. I wrote it without a proper plan, not even knowing the name of the main character after two chapters. Then I came up with the plot and I kinda had to use my username because it basically came the plot. Now it feels a bit weird whenever I talk about my OC it feels like I'm talking about myself. Even if he partly is a self inserted character. So, yeah... I dunno. I might change it. I'm taking suggestions what the new username could be. I have literally no idea myself. I have always been super bad with names. I even used a name generator for the current one. :twilightsheepish:

Should I change it then?

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