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    Hotel Reservations currently closed!

    Huge thanks to everyone who has expressed interest and support in the Hotel Nightshade!

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Wasp Eats The Plant · 4:37pm Dec 21st, 2018

[A quick gift to settle a week's worth of flustering between two friends. If you like this, let me know in the comments and I'll post more of these 'flavour fics' that I've done for some arts on Derpibooru :) ]

“Are you sure you’re okay, Withania? I’m not making you comfortable am I?” asked Biepbot, looking sincerely at the green mare.

“No, no,” she stuttered, “Quite the opposite… there’s something just, alluring about you that’s been driving me mad, the way you come across so predatory. Not personality wise, but um… your appearance…”

The waspling suddenly looked at her with great concern. “No! I said to you I don’t feed on friends! Not at all!”

“What if I asked you to?” continued Withania, biting her lower lip, “What if I said I wanted you to do with me as you would common prey? Enjoy me how your heart would desire.”

He looked uncertain, but Withania made the first move, leaning in toward his mouth as if to kiss him, but using her nose to nudge his lips apart. His mouth opened slightly, letting her muzzle enter his, and letting her press forward of her own free will, his mouth began to envelop her head, tongue tasting the sweet aroma coming from her breath, and the slightly fuzzy taste of her skin.

Withania wriggled her head in his throat, tasting and coating herself in his saliva, lubricating herself for ease of entry. She felt his forehooves on her thick earth pony hips, pulling her toward himself, getting ready to pick her up, and she pressed forward to slide her shoulders into his maw. Biepbot swallowed in sympathy, pulling her head down to the entrance of his stomach, and then lifting her hips up into the air and leaning back.

With another gulp, her head pressed into his belly and her hips wedged into his mouth. A thick, almost syrupy nectar dribbled out from her folds onto his tongue, illustrating her burning desire for this to continue. The taste was too much to resist. Using his shapeshifting magic, Biepbot’s tongue began to lengthen, growing out from his mouth into a dextrous tentacle, which he curled back and use to probe his friend’s moistened flower. He started light, feeling her jump and twitch at his touch, and then he quested deeper into her velvet passage, spreading her wide, releasing more of the naturally sweet fluid.

Within moments he was thrusting his tendril in and out of her, bring her to heat, satisfying the pent-up need she had to be used and devoured until finally, her damn broke open. A generous spurt of golden fluid splashed out into his mouth and in time, he gave a strong swallow and sent her thighs down to follow the rest of her body into his belly.

While he had been pleasuring her, Withania explored his belly with her forelegs, feeling a rising pool of honey surround her. As she came and he gulped down her hindquarters, her entire body was submerged into his stomach fluid and sealed in. Already soaked from being lodged in his throat, she quickly found her shape deforming, melting in the pool in the most wonderful way she could imagine.

On the outside, Biepbot ran his hooves over the contours of his expanded belly, feeling the pony inside move around in her confines, and without a word he began to press and squeeze the soft mound and its occupant.

From the calm, rhythmic motion he felt from inside, clearly Withania was relaxed and absolutely where she wanted to be, a relief to his concerns of eating a friend. For his own reward, he turned to lay on his belly, feeling his squash beneath him like a pillow. Nodding off, he began to doze, his middle slowly returning to its normal size as the melted pony was burned off in his body.

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