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    Four years

    It has taken over four years for me to finish Hay Fever :rainbowhuh:

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    So firstly, another new chapter on Hay Fever is now up. This one's story only, we're entering Act 3 of this fic, and I need to move set pieces around into position for the end chapters.

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Four years · 1:25am August 30th

It has taken over four years for me to finish Hay Fever :rainbowhuh:

However, with this chapter now out, there's one remaining to wrap things up. I've enjoyed writing this a lot, even though the second half was a big struggle due to me kinda burning out on writing. But now it's out the way, I'll basically have done The Lore Story for Withania, and I can finally go back to doing one-shots without having to avoid certain stuff where I've been like "euuurgh stuff needs to happen in Hay Fever before I can write this story, otherwise muh continuity..."

Thanks everyone who's still around and reading, I basically write for myself, but I'm always thrilled and flattered by all the folks who also read and enjoy these lewd tales!

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Comments ( 3 )

It's been a journey for sure, but an enjoyable one. Glad to see you over the hump!

It's been fun! And some of your stories have ...l caused me to be interested in certain things.-

Thank you for all the words!

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