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  • 168 weeks
    Help a friend please


    She really needs help. I dont know what's going on but if anyone can help please help or spread the word if you want.

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  • 206 weeks
    Today sucks

    Hey it's Valentines Day, or better known to people as 'Single's Awareness Day' cause Love just really fucking hates you

    Have a nice day you lucky bastards...I'm just gonna be stuck by myself wondering why I live anymore...

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  • 208 weeks

    Alright, so I'm open to Commissions, because I literally need the money to keep a roof over my head...but this isn't a fucking joke people can openly abuse...just...what the fuck? There's a difference between joking, and just openly sending PM's just to spite people....

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  • 213 weeks
    Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday's

    Hope everyone's having a wonderful day, spending time with their family, and just being happy

    I'll just be here...alone with no one...but just have a happy time with your family and friends. Better for everyone else to be happy without me cause I'm just a failure

    So Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday's and Happy New Year

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  • 216 weeks

    Aren't birthday's just great?

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Happy Birthday to me · 3:24pm Dec 6th, 2018

Whatever it amounts to cause I am neither doing anything special today or spending time with anyone so...yippee for me

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That’s kind of the story of my life as well. Past age 16 birthdays don’t really matter to a lot of people.

But regardless loniless sucks and when mixed with a shit lifestyle life can be a real drag sometimes.

Happy birthday! Do like me just play video games eat chips and drink soda.

Maybe if you just get yourself something nice to eat or a couple hours of you time and you might feel a little better.

I don't have chips or soda at the moment
All I have is me time so...doesn't really help

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