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I love Deadliest Warrior and Sunset is my favorite character... Oh, and I think Celestia is a weak leader, cause she is.

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Season 9 · 3:47am Oct 1st, 2018

After seeing the Season 8 Finale, I got to thinking after learning that the one known as Grogar will debut in Season 9. I don't know much about him, and from the way he is described in the show, it sounds as if he is considered to be a myth, legend, story villain, whatever. But after seeing Cozy get thrown in literal Hell, with Celestia only telling Twilight, Neighsay, and the Student 6 (that what I call them) that Cozy was "taken somewhere where she will never threaten Equestria again", I think Grogar is going to pose an even bigger threat than NMM, Chrysalis, Discord (not that he was threatening anyways), Sombra, Tirek, Starlight, Pony of Shadows, and now Cozy Glow, I think he may try a different tactic than up front and personally trying to conquer Equestria through brawn. No, I think he's going to take over through brains and expose all of Celestia's lies and deceit to certain characters to turn them against her. But I think he's going to start it off with none other than Twilight Sparkle. Think about it. What better way to hurt Celestia than by turning her own faithful student against her? What better way to hurt Celestia than by making Twilight question everything she thinks she knows? What perfect way to bring down Equestria than to set it ablaze in civil war? It'd be a perfect way to end the series for now, then pick it up years later to depict Grogar's rule and there still being those trying to overthrow him.

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I hate Grogar with a passion. Hasbro needs to improve the character in every way shape or form, or the final villain of MLP will be brought in the show for nothing. Same goes for the entire season. I hope it doesn't end on a terrible note. :(

I wish for a war too. In my fanfic, the great grandson of Princess Luna, Lord Maelstrom, destroys every location in Equestria, raising a war between the good characters, and the bad ones. He also rips Twilight in particular from the outside and inside, throughout the entire story, until eventually killing her. :)

Just like they should've built the DCEU better.

That's for sure XD I'm really hoping Season 9 will be better than that. 😃

I'm glad on the same page.😎

Yeah thanks. 😄

But yeah, I hope Season 9 really ends MLP G4 with a bang, unless Hasbro keeps the show running, but we'll see. :D

What they should do is just end it here on a cliffhanger where Grogar wins and divides our heroes, and then a few years later, pick it up again displaying the aftermath.

I'd be okay with that IF Hasbro completely changes Grogar in the way he should be.

I wouldn't know anything about Grogar. All I know is he's some ancient villain.

Well given what we know about gen 5 It looks like they are rebooting gen 4 with some differences. So maybe they could literally end this season with the end of the world and our hero's having to forcibly reboot it to save existence itself from Gregore, basically pull a final fantasy 14 and have the end of gen 4 lead into the start of gen 5.

You must've not watched MLP G1 then. Good. XD

I've only ever watched Friendship Is Magic.

Yeah, I'm glad. The original My Little Pony from the 1980's to the early 2000's were terrible. XD

Well, I didn't like it, but many others did, especially kids XD Although, the Generation 1 ( 1983 ) version of Lord Tirek was alot more violent and scary, which I thought was awesome. :D

Saw his pick, have to agree there.

Unlike Grogar, Tirek actually came out very well as a character in G4, despite being in a cell for 4 seasons XD :)

Seriously, he looked very intimidating in his picture.

I agree. I might actually like that version of him better than the current one XD

What I wanna know is when did Tirek and Cozy meet each other?

Also, the original version of Tirek would've considered the possibility of Cozy abandoning him in Tatarus with the Mane 6 and Spike forever and come up with a contingency.

That would make more sense. :)

Hopefully the Grogar and Sombra thing goes full circle. ^^

Yes, I wanna see Sombra again.

I honestly thought he died back in Season 3 as originally intended XD

Think of him like Vulture from Homecoming or Loki from the entirety of the MCU. A villain that popular, a villain that leaves the audience wanting more of said villain, then you know for sure at some point they'll use him again. Who knows, maybe Starlight and Twilight fucking with time in the Season 5 finale will be what brings him back.

I was hoping for a Voldemort style comeback. :D

That's what I did for the main villain in my fanfic. :)

I really feel you are all forgetting this is a kid's show, I want a good villain but this is starting to feel more like something from a end of the world movie. If this is indeed the end of Friendship is magic there should be one cracker ending. Still this show is largely about morals so they have to work with putting some moral at the end

Yeah, never lie to your loved ones. That's a moral right there. Think of it like a crucible.

I don't think the finale is going to be dark it is a kid's show.

Do I need to remind you that Disney's known for putting dark stuff to their movies and series. Remember that animated short with the little Russian girl that froze to death? Or Mufasa's death scene?

Hasbro is not Disney, still much like everything it will suffer from the fact they will probably only have two episodes to cover it

No, they're not. But don't forget that there have been instances where the show wasn't exactly for kids.


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