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Updates on Life! Again... · 5:47am Sep 24th, 2018

Hey it's me, doing the last life update for a little while. It's been some time since I've last done this, so let's take a crack at it.

Update #1 of 1- Life Itself

Life has been okay to me during the past few weeks. There are a lot of things that could've gone a bit better, but it's been a somewhat smooth ride so far.

I've been really stressed out lately, and the only thing I can relate it to is this new ADHD medication I'm taking. Not gonna go too deep into it, mostly because I've talked about it to a lot of people already, but here's the gist-

It helps me focus in school, side-effects include: mood swings, being really depressed at some points, being angered and annoyed more easily, a new feeling that my sex drive has gone bananas and bongos, and trying to avoid people and social interaction in general.

I've kind of distanced myself from a lot of my irl friends, and I feel kind of bad for it. But it's whatever.

Family life has been okay. My mom has been a lot kinder towards me lately, and that's nice. But sometimes she'll still get on my nerves. Dad's cool too I guess. My siblings are still annoying as hell, but I've learned to appreciate them.

I've stopped venting here and I have some new practices when it comes to venting. For one, I've been drawing a lot. Exactly what I've been drawing lately isn't... healthy, per se, as a matter of fact sometimes it makes me more depressed, but sometimes when I draw, my mind calms the inner conflicts within. I'll probably be making a separate twitter account to post it, but good luck finding it lmao.

Not relating to venting, through my drawing, I've also come up with two new OCs- Tiara and Paige. They're girlfriends, Tiara is bisexual and Paige is pansexual. Yes, they are kind of a work in progress (and so are the names lol), but I will be trying to flesh them out more as I implement them into something I'm working on. Anyways, back to venting-

I also have a tumblr for venting. I normally post there when I'm feeling extremely frustrated or depressed. I won't tell what the blog is called, but I hope you're glad to know that I won't be venting here anymore. In cases where I don't have access to the blog or tumblr... yeah that's what I have discord for.

The Smash Bros club has been a big hit at my school, and is one of the biggest clubs in the school so far. Wow. I had low expectations for it, and when the first meeting started, 40 people showed up. That's a lot, considering how small our school is. I'm glad to be in charge of something that finally has succeeded.

Last thing, Goku better be in smash or else I'm gonna whoop some ass.

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Thank you, this just got the comment of the year award because Croix is awesome and she is definitely not holding me hostage and telling me to give you a comment of the year award

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