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i need help finding a certain story · 3:00pm Aug 21st, 2018

OK I'm hoping someone can help me find this story, now i dont remember the name of the story but i do remember the story itself it goes something like this
The entire planet is a wasteland all that is left is ruination all around no pony is left alive save one princess Celestia as she travel through the ruined Canterlot for years all the while she slowly losing her mind and having delusions of her home not in the state as it is, as well as hearing a voice trying to tell her she's being delusional and to accept reality (i think the voice is of discord). Now as i stated earlier i dont remember the name of the story but I'll know it once I've read it, so from one reader/writer of these stories to another can anyone help me find that story, i really liked it and want to reread it again and if the author of that story reads this then you should(if you haven't) make a continuation of that story. Thanks in advance everyone. Oh and the story is not called Bane i know that as a fact because i reread that story recently.

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