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To all of my followers and those of you who like or have read my stories thus far I am not dead..... · 9:34am Dec 17th, 2017

Just as the title says I am still here so you can relax. You probably wondering why is it taking me so long on releasing the next chapters of my stories well here's a run down on why it's taking so long...
Lumis: The Caliginosity Chapters: Well what can I say about this story besides it's not cancelled, it's pretty much written out and I'm doing some editing here and there but I don't won't to release any of the chapters until my other story is done so yeah that's all it is

A darkness within a Twilight: there's a funny story for this one hehe hehe :twilightsheepish: well the thing is I'm trying to make this next chapter line up with the time line or time frame of the season it's taking place (basically season 3's) and make certain events line up with certain episodes so to not make you (the reader) go "heeeeey that's not right." as well as writing a page and a half and then just scraping all of that just to get a block and be stuck and trust me this has happened a lot of times and I hate myself because of it but the next chapter is coming along but very slowly and I'm sorry for that

The overall reason is work, Yeah... I know it's kinda cliche to blame work but what can you expect from a guy who works overnights and sleep throughout the day because of this I've become a sort of vampire. I know what you're thinking "Why not do a little on your break and days off?" to answer that just reread up above that and I only have one day off and I'm either taking it to sleep or clean and then sleep, heck I'm taking some time now to write this, so I to you thank you for your patience and for putting up with me. So until next time and remember keep your dreams to your heart so you'll never forget them, Later.

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It is nice to see you again after so long, its good to know you're well. Good luck in your efforts friend!

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