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    It's Over...

    Okay so...ugh, we've done this a million times already. I...have been disappearing and reappearing here for over a year now. I know some of you are getting sick of it, some of you don't care, and some of you are worried. Well, it's about time I confess what the problem is...

    I'm not into MLP as much as I was anymore.

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    I'm back again...again...sorta...i dun't know

    Yeah, so I don't really know what to say in today's blog. I've kind of gotten back into the whole mlp thing again and fimfiction world. That being said, I don't know if it'll last, so let me say this. I'm gonna stop blogging stuff like "I'm leaving" "I'm going away" I'm back again" Unless it's something really serious. I'm just say that you should probably expect me to disappear randomly

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    So...yeah, you've read the title of todays blog. I may have to disappear again. I've honestly been concentrating more on my real life at the moment and because of this, haven't been able to apply myself to this fandom. I will eventually be back, hopefully, but for the time being, I won't be working on my fimfiction stories.

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    As humans (yes, that means you), we are prideful creatures. We don't like showing signs of weakness or restraint, especially men. It doesn't matter if you're jock or a nerd or even a homosexual, we don't like showing how vulnerable we are. Showing this vulnerability allows others to hurt us more. No one likes that. No one wants to be manipulated.

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    Editing, Artists, and More!

    Hey there! How are you? Good? Glad to hear it. Anyways, I wanted to let you all know of some of my plans.

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Art Rquest Status: Fail · 3:24pm Aug 14th, 2018

If any of you are part of the Art for Fanfiction Group then you probably know that yesterday I made an Art Request. The only problem is this, I am an okay writer but I have yet to make a story that would really dazzle the world if you catch my drift. I have a feeling that my current story in the works will do just that, not that it needs to, I'm happy with it being a somewhat well known story, but I'm also pretty sure that the artists there already have an idea of what kind of writer I am, and let's face it, anyone would rather do art for someone famous or well renowned. That's fine, and I can understand. However, that means, I still don't have any art.

For the time being I have designed filler art which I may have to leave when I post the story itself. But I thought I might as well ask if any of you are interested. If so, I have a description of what the art would have to be like down below this text you're reading right now. DM me if you're interested.

A cutie mark design. A golden shield, broken down the middle, a rope keeping it together. In front of the Cutie Mark design is the profile of a white unicorn, with a silver mane, similar to Big Mac in body structure. The pony is faded out slightly and is a silhouette, thus there is no face. It isn't a full body shot, only the head and shoulders will show. In front of him, seemingly on the ground is a golden Royal Guard helmet, however, the design must be a little different. This helmet will be a large part of the story itself so the design of the helmet will influence how the story progresses. there are runes on the helmet and it is capable of fully covering a stallions face. Besides that, I leave the helmet design and background design up to the artist.

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