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Touching Base Regarding "A Tempest Tossed" · 2:25am Jul 28th, 2018

Hey my friends, readers, and countrymenpersonsponies,

I'm just touching base with you. My mother had to go to the hospital due to her insurance refusing to cover transportation to and from the dialysis center, leaving her without treatment for days (anyone who knows about dialysis knows you usually must have to have it every couple of days or the end result after about a week or so is a very painful death), and I've been swamped in phone calls between her doctors, the insurance company, her dialysis clinic, hospital social workers, and people I don't even remember in trying to get this all sorted out.

It is a nightmare, I'm consumed with worry for her health, and it has my brain frazzled beyond all reason. I don't get a moment's peace, and I'm just exhausted and her insurance company is an awful company who just does not give a damn about her life. So, at the moment I can't focus on my story, can't finish my chapter, and that is really frustrating me, because I have a simple little story, I want to tell it, and everything seems to be getting in the way. Right now, though, it's all bits and pieces in my head because I can't concentrate long enough to piece it back together and put it down on paper.

So once more, I apologize for the delay. This was going to be a simple week by week update, but it seems something always has to interfere. I know my stories aren't high up on the list of demanding literature, but I still love to deliver something enjoyable to all of you, so this whole issue is migraine inducing, and a constant source of anxiety. I hope, HOPE that I will have something for you this coming week, but as long as these issues keep continuing, I can't focus on what I really want to do.


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