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  • 5 weeks
    FanExpo Toronto

    I'm Heading To Toronto On Saturday For FanExpo
    This Will Be The 2nd Convention I've Ever Been Too.
    Last Time I Went To A Con Was 14 Years Ago in 2009 For Anime North
    I Was 12 When I Went To My First Convention.
    I Have To Get Up At 8am
    So I Can Beat The Toronto Traffic.
    If You've Ever Driven To Toronto You Know What I'm Talking About.
    Oh BTW!
    We Canadians Say Toronto As Torono

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  • 64 weeks
    Rest In Peace Kazuki Takahashi

    Creator Of Yugioh was found Dead This Morning
    He Was 58 Years Old

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  • 82 weeks
    25 Years Alive & This Bastard Won't Die

    As of Tomorrow
    I turn 25 & My Old Ass is Still Alive

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  • 91 weeks
    Thank You For Being Our Friend.

    In January of 2022 She Was to Celebrate her 100th Birthday
    Sadly as Of December 31st she never got that chance to see that day to celebrate it
    Comedy & Television Legend Betty White Has Passed Away at the age of 99

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  • 134 weeks
    I'm old

    I am 24 Years old Today 🥳🎁🎉🥳🥳🥳

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Doing this for a writer. · 3:07am Jul 25th, 2018

Check out Equestrian Viking by Torulf21. https://www.fimfiction.net/story/379225/equestrian-viking

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