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Ordinary guy who like to read, and listen to stories, history, or other kind of stuff. Greetings from Indonesia.

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  • 269 weeks
    Fic That Contains Country Mascot

    I am in a middle of creating a fic, but the main character was a Country Mascot.
    And here's the question I wanted to ask.
    Does this will be the first Country-Mascot-related fic?

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  • 270 weeks
    Inactive really soon

    Barely had anytime to write something, but trying to divide up my time between school projects and stuff.
    Probably, this is my last stories to be submitted.
    Gonna focus things on school project first, then return to write more.

    Stay safe and sound, everypony.

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  • 271 weeks
    Almost gone to Inactivity

    School days and a lot of work both from part-time and others. Makes me had a short time to write nor check up at Fim.

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  • 271 weeks
    Learnt a Valuable Lesson.

    Dear Princess of the Fandom.

    Today, I've learnt that. Giving up quicky is not a good thing to do, it only made people annoyed by it.
    It is I who annoyed them by giving up quickly, thankfully. Somepony in the fandom made me realize that; giving up is not the only choice. Thus I should do better and try a lot more harder, despite the challenge that are on the way and continue forward.

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  • 271 weeks

    Totally expect it, not gonna lie. But I'm laughing my butt off from it, oh god it is so funny when I saw it. :derpytongue2:
    I really expect a tons of dislike from the first hour it got published and it did.

    Finally I got it off from my head anyway, god help me xD
    Stay safe and sound, everypony.

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Expecting a Clop to be Rated greatly. · 1:59pm Jul 14th, 2018

Well, I'm quite done on my clopfics. I really hope that it goes well, and if it was good. Maybe I write a sequel about it?
I really don't know what to expect it. Ah what do I care? I don't care at all, let's just see how good it is.

Stay safe and sound, Everypony.

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