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Ytak reads. A lot. Probably spends too much time reading. Or that sentence blasphemous?

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    My last grandparent passed not too long ago. My grandma was 99 years and a handful of days old. Is it odd that I find it easier to write that here, when I've never met any of you and only know of you through the written word, and not post it to my friends and family on the book face?

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Fic bit · 8:04pm Jul 12th, 2018

So, it finally happened. Another story spawned a fic bit I feel is half worth sharing. :p I linked the original story. I recommend reading it first.

This ficbit takes place before this story by Georg.

Deep in a tall pitcher of beer, Death muttered too low for Luna to understand the him. The pale horse looked up at Luna, "It is wonderful that you have returned. Not only because I missed my best drinking companion but I missed your understanding. Your sister is another dear companion but she does not understand. She is far too much of the light to understand as you do." He raised his pitcher in salute to Luna.
About to say something else, Death's eyes crossed a moment and he cursed in a language long forgotten by all but the most ancient beings. "Grogar again. Damn that Grogar. I am going to have to drag him back to Erebus. Again. The misbegotten son of worm and lizard. He knows I cannot rend his soul as it so deserves."
Luna hummed and took a deep drink of her cider. She considered the problem. Death was correct. Grogar was a true master of knowing how to use rules, laws, and contracts. He would know that Death could only take him to Erebus. And, so long as he returned to Erebus, his followers would be able to return him to life. A stray, almost whimsical, thought crossed her mind. It was almost gone before she latched on to it. She considered the idea, weighing the consequences and outcomes and realized that nothing was lost by asking and everything might be gained if the answer was a positive one.
"I might have a solution to the problem. Might it be allowed that I borrow your cloak and scythe?"

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