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Trying Something New · 2:58pm Jul 11th, 2018

Hi everyone! Taking a break from my babysitting job to tell you guys an update.

Still not dead, just a little inactive. I started looking through some old fictions of mine and cringing. I looked at the uncompleted ones and winces a lot. I used these fictions as a sort of writing guide, something to get me started. The completed ones are there and finished, and there's going to stay that way.

But the unfinished ones still need to be completed. And I'm really struggling to complete something that makes me wince and cringe so much - they were really kind of terrible. I fell into cliches that I hate now.

So. I'm going to edit. And write. And I'm going to, one by one, finish all of my fanfictions to completion. Once a fic is completed, I'll post the story in full, edits and all.

I may update the ones I see as good (I am his queen, Beast within, Stranger in a familiar place, absentia, and knock knock) sporadically, but these uncompleted fics hang over my head. I can't write because I'm overwhelmed. So I'm going to try this out!

Thanks again for your constant patience. I really appreciate it. :)

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best of luck and write on

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