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    Not that I expect anyone to read this, but I'm just really excited about a new fanfic that me and my friend, nintendo917, came up with. ...Er, rather, it's still being made. As you may have guessed, dear reader, our fanfic idea is a crossover between Guilty Gear and the beloved My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic cartoon series.

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Guilty Mare Project (Good Idea?) · 9:33am Dec 8th, 2012

Not that I expect anyone to read this, but I'm just really excited about a new fanfic that me and my friend, nintendo917, came up with. ...Er, rather, it's still being made. As you may have guessed, dear reader, our fanfic idea is a crossover between Guilty Gear and the beloved My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic cartoon series. Though I am excited about it, I'm in no hurry to shuve it out the door.

Originally the story was to be a one-shot comedy involving Sol and Ky somehow end up in Equestria, more specifically Ponyville town library, and have their fighting demolish prized posessions of local citizens. Then have the two be forced to stop by Celestia and be humiliated by being forced to write letters to her about something silly.

That was the original idea, and I was committed to polishing it and having it make sense while still retaining the desired amount of shenanigans. However, as I started writing the fic myself, I suddenly felt an inspiration to do something else with it. Now, instead of a one-shot comedy, I want it to be an Action/Comedy with a possible Adventure title and have multiple chapters.

There aren't many Guilty Gear crossovers here on fimfiction, and it's understandable why that is. The two series seem so different from each other, and those that do write a crossover about these two either have a generally good idea but don't finish or the fanfic itself is sloppy and didn't have enough effort put into it. So, I've decided to take nintendo917's idea and warp it. I'm going to develop a plot, and it will make sense!... I hope. I've already developed a few ideas while writing it, and I would like to share them just in case someone out here on fimfiction can lend a hoof as well.

- Utilize “Fighting Is Magic” into the story in some way. If any of the Mane Six (except Fluttershy) are put into a combat situation, referencing their move list from the game is recommended.

- Utilizing ‘The Backyard’ into the story in some way is recommended, due to its significance in the Guilty Gear world.
> Magic exists in both franchises. This is very important and should be considered for potential use in the story.
> Consider having Guilty Gear's Earth and MLP:FIM's Equestria exist in the same universe, but not necessarily on the same planet or time frame.

- Consider how many of the Guilty Gear cast members are to be involved in the fan fiction.
> Originally planned to be only Sol Badguy and Ky Kiske.

- Having Lyra Heartstrings interact with some of the Guilty Gear cast members should be considered for potential humor.
> Another consideration is the addition of Faust and Pinkie Pie, for both have exceptionally unorthodox but devastating physical abilities, are known to break the 4th wall and are both precieved as having a darker side to them (Ex. Faust is to Dr. Baldhead as Pinkie Pie is to Pinkamena Dian Pie). Their interaction with each other could be used for humor as well as a possible side-story.

- Keep in mind of each character's personal information, Guilty Gear cast members or famous ponies alike, that are to be involved/added in the fan fiction (their likes, dislikes, hobbies, goals, past history, etc.).
> Ky Kiske collects tea cups for his tea cup collection. ...Would suck if something happened to it.
> Sol Badguy is a huge fan of the once super famous rock band 'Queen'. This should be taken into consideration during the story as a possible tool to invoke dialog from him (Ex. Quoting lyrics to their songs during appropriate situations).

- Consider whether or not the Equine's language should be the same as the Guilty Gear cast members.

Right now, my challenge is developing a plot. I've been told that I have a nack for writing, but I've never written a fanfiction before. So this is going to be challenging, obviously. However, I won't give up. I'm determined to make this work somehow, and I intend to take as much time as I'll need to get it done right. To show you all what I'm capable of, here's what I've written so far. It's not even a first chapter but it's something. I would love nothing more than some constructive criticism and ideas from all those who are willing.


Somewhere, in a vast white void, two entities sit in idle chat.

“… Sir, you seem to be deep in thought. May I ask what’s on your mind?”

“Yes… I was debating on whether or not to intervene in current events. I feel it necessary that Frederick experience a change in scenery… if only temporary. But I am unsure how to go about it. …Perhaps…”

“Do you really feel that he is the only hope for our world, sir?”

“He is to either save all worlds, Raven, or destroy them. I don’t believe this, I know it. The time of the Merciless Apocalypse draws ever closer with each passing day, and if things stay the way they are now Frederick will not be ready for it. …Not only that… but it is not completely beyond me to remain content with myself as time goes by and not enjoy myself in some way. I believe it is time for the protagonist to embark on a new journey, even if he doesn’t want to himself. It would do us both good.”

“I still do not think that the Immoral Flame can live up to your expectations, but I know better than to think you a fool. My purpose now is to protect you, not to question you. Whatever your will demands, I will fulfill it.”

Meanwhile, in Paris, a fierce battle between two rivals takes place. …And neither of them is showing any signs of letting up.

---Rock You---

Sol tries to get in close to deal damage by going low with a Grand Viper, transforming into a human candle as he starts to barrel towards his assailant. However, Ky, being all too familiar with Sol’s fighting style, predicts this and extends his Thunder Seal sword appropriately to counter. It works, causing Sol to stumble back in recoil. With the offensive role switched to Ky’s favor, he dashes forward and lashes out with slashes, kicks, and Stun Edges, keeping his fiery opponent pressured and unable to retaliate.

Caught off guard, Sol is now forced into a block position, all the while becoming increasingly annoyed with how today’s events have led up to this point.

“All this is bullshit…” Sol curses under his breath as his mind begins to recollect how he got into a fight with Ky in the first place. It was all because of some stupid tea cup collection he accidentally destroyed. He never even knew it was Ky’s, much less the fact that he owned one. Out of all the stupid reasons that has ever compelled someone to fight him, this one was by far the most retarded.

Snapping back into reality, Sol had decided that he’d had enough of a fight with no valuable purpose. Any fight that he didn’t start himself was never worth his time. Muttering something under his breath, Sol prepares an attack of his own. Just as Ky had predicted his Grand Viper, so too has Sol predicted Ky’s [work in progress] “It’s the same shit, again and again…” he says as he maintains his defense, waiting for the chivalrous Boy Scout to try his forward heavy slash.

As if on cue, Ky twirls forward on his heel and was going to hit Sol with an electrically charged slash attack. However, before he could finish his attack, he is suddenly cut off with a – “Volcanic Viper!” With his world suddenly set ablaze, Ky is sent flying towards the ceiling above due to Sol’s signature uppercut.


For when this is happening on the Guilty Gear side, it'll be after Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus and before Guilty Gear 2: Overture. As far as when this will be happening for Frienship is Magic, I'm not quite sure yet. Although I was thinking on having it be after the royal wedding and the whole Changling invasion.

Although I am a Guilty Gear fan, I haven't read any of the comics, mangas, books, stories, or anything of the sort, though I know they exist. I also have a general knowledge of the GG history, thanks to the Guilty Gear Wiki.

GG is an amazing fighting game series that has earned the respect and admiration of many, so I would love to be corrected of anything regarding the franchise if I get something canonically wrong or if I've portrayed a character incorrectly. In all honesty, I'm more of a BlazBlue fan myself. The only Guilty Gear games I own are Guilty Gear XX Accent Core for the Wii and Guilty Gear 2: Overture. But I do adore the GG series. Holy Order Sol is my favorite character, for Luna's sake! I'm not completely in the dark with all of it is all I'm trying to say. So again, ANY help would be greatly appreciated. Regardless on if anypony helps out or not, though, I still plan on writing this fic out. It will happen, you can be sure. It just won't be finished anytime soon.

Before I sign off and go back to re-reading chapters from Mass Effect 2 - DLC: The Equestrian Equation by Loyal2Luna (buckin awesome as high hell fanfic, I should add), I simply want to ask you, cherished reader, one question: How does my idea look so far? I'd like some feedback, for it's more valuable than Platinums and Diamonds.


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I'm the guy he's talking about. Anyway we need all the support we can get.

The material quoted has been changed. For those who are interested in helping out, any updates will be posted on my deviant art journal here.

:twilightsmile:Thank you for your time and patience.

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