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Sometimes, the hero is the villain.

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  • 43 weeks
    Project: Launch. Equestria: Redeemed

    So, you guys know that project I talked about in an earlier post? Well, the story for it has actually launched! Of course, I will link it down below, and I hope each one of you gives it a look, and stays with it as we produce it.


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  • 45 weeks
    I might not post for a while

    So, I just wanted everyone to know. I’m participating in NaNoWriMo, writing a completely original story. I’m sorry to say it, but I am kinda run out of writing energy with it, so the fanfics will be put on pause for a bit.

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    1 comments · 68 views
  • 49 weeks
    A Pretty Big Project

    So, I have had the honor to be accepted as a voice actor in a project. It’s a big FO:E deal, and I’ll just let the leader himself explain it to you.


    So, everyone, spread the word. We want people to know about this, and I especially want to support this since it is the first time I’ll foray into voice acting.

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  • 50 weeks

    Hey there, everyone, just a reminder that I have a Discord server. If you want to discuss these stories, or even your own ideas and stories, or just want to talk to me, this is the perfect place.


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  • 57 weeks
    Who is Survivor?

    So, readers, I have a very simple question. Who exactly is the Survivor?

    I’m struggling with his rewrite because of this question. I, the man who made the Survivor, seem to have lost my touch with what his character is like. So I ask you to help me, please, so I can rewrite him yet not change the character into something unrecognizable.

    In your opinion, what are his character traits?

    1 comments · 92 views

I created a group! · 1:28am May 2nd, 2018

I have created a group. It is called Good Vibes and Positivity!

Report Chemtest · 103 views · #group
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