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Poor Harry · 10:10pm Apr 23rd, 2018

Actually, no.

It's all old Voldy's fault.

Besides, when Harry comes, Gryffindor win everything.

Therefore, Harry gets blamed for everything. BECAUSE HE HELPS THEM WIN!!!! Unfair!

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Poor, poor Harry. My friends, we have hit the edge of tolerance.

It is time to avenge Harry at Hogwarts!

Voldy placed a jinx on the Defence Against the Dark Arts position. -_-

Really? I remember both Hufflepuff and Slytherin winning a quidditch match against Gryffindor.
But then there's Dumbledore and his end-of-term points. So Gryffindor technically do win.

They end up winning the cup for the first time in something like 300 years though.

300 years?
Didn't they win the house cup when Charlie Weasley was Seeker?

Huh, I can't remember. Could you check?

In Harry's 3rd year it was 7 years ago. So in his first year, it would have been 5. Yeah, it probably was when Charlie was Seeker.

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