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My thoughts on "School Daze" · 9:50pm Mar 26th, 2018

Glad to see MLP returning, and boy, There's definitely new territory to explore.

And it's official, the movie is canonized. Glad to know. I'm really curious on what Tempest and that annoying hedgehog are gonna look like in the show.

Huh, an episode dedicated to Twilight and her friends opening and operating a school....I was nervous on where this was going. And Man, I am so happy in the direction it went. Because let's be honest, if the school is run according to the standards of the NEA, I mean EEA, SCHOOL! IS! REALLY! BORING! The things they teach us in school is something we are forced to learn but will never be applied, and rarely do they dive into practical stuff and skills that will help us go into the work-force, or make it fun for that matter.

And I'm liking the subtle message of "if conforming to an institutionalized standard does not produce the necessary results as far as learning and applying the skills in a fun way, create your own school and operate outside of the standard." I. Really. Like that. Because there are WAY too many institutions, especially those that are subsidized or run by the state, that just can't be reformed because of the amount of bureaucracy and strict conformity of it. Operating outside of it would be the best option in those cases. Though in Twilight's case, as a princess, she's just creating another government institution within her own jurisdiction. That's okay. I much prefer a monarchical entity rather than one created by a democratic one.

And the new characters. Man, they were fun to learn about. The dragon, griffin and yak were my favorites.

And jeez, what a way to put many nations at stake without a villain. And I would not be surprised in history that wars have started because of the petty disagreements between heads of state. Glad to know Equestria captured that scenario realistically.

My only gripe is the racist matter. When that EEA unicorn started bashing the other species and being prejudicual about it, I was like: ":facehoof: No. Please no, DO NOT turn this into a racial matter. I'm sick of hearing this all my life, I want to focus on how the NEA, I mean the EEA, sucks because of their conforming, boring and authoritarian bullshit." The racial matter was not as heavy handed as I feared, so that's a plus.

Overall, I loved this intro. And I love the new characters. Can't wait to see more.

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Sorry to have held off so long. :ajsleepy:

Yeah, School Daze was great, and as for the Chancellor... since there is confirmation that he's going to appear again in the season, and given that his deliberate provocations, my theory was that he was Chrysalis or one of her changelings in disguise. It would fit, or so I thought.

Hmm. If that’s true, it would be considered a cop-out. One that I would accept because I hate racist straw men.

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