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So... Season 8 · 3:04am Mar 25th, 2018

Hey there Terry hear.

Ok I have to say it, I'm not a fan of this. I mean I'm glad that they tried something new, instead of having the main six (and maybe Spike and Starlight) going somewhere new and facing some random villain. But on the other hand the main thing that I'm concerned about is this how long are are lead ponies are going to have this running from. I'm guessing around two maybe two and a half years. Hears way, first it's probably going to be the ponies of Equestria plus these five other creatures and I'm guessing that there aren't going to be any more students that will be attending the school. Next Rarity and Rainbow Dash have jobs that would force them to have to leave to go off to their respective jobs, I'm mean it's only the main six plus Spike and Starlight. Finally are teachers are in their twenties their going to find love and have to move on.

So these are my reasons why I thing that this school wouldn't last vary long.

Thanks all, Terry signing off :)

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