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  • 100 weeks
    New Chapter

    A new chapter of The Protector will be up sometime this week, thank you for your patience

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  • 101 weeks
    I'm back better than ever!

    The Protector Remastered has been resumed and the next chapter should be out soon. I have tons of ideas for this story and I've pretty much already written out the order of main events that will happen, now I'm gonna work on small details that make the story good. I hope you guys enjoy the work that I will be putting out.

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  • 112 weeks
    Where am I?

    Well, I had hoped that I would get to finish The Protector: Remastered but I got called and informed that my employer had to have me come edit videos for him earlier than expected, one of his editors unfortunately left. So I am now in California editing videos for a Youtuber, of course I will try my best to update The Protector: Remastered, but I can't promise it'll be quick, I do apologize to

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  • 119 weeks
    Want views? TRY THIS!

    SEX. Sorry, but SEX! Boobs, blush, ass, sexual expressions and you're guaranteed views, cause the internet is only a place to rub one out. Biggest complaint on my stories? THERES NO SEX!!! Sorry, just had to say it. If you've been keeping tabs on me then you know this guy has remade The Protector (Yes, sex will be in, and I mean sex, sex, like penis in vagina sex, yeah, the one you could ugh, rub

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  • 137 weeks
    The Protector Remake

    I'm gonna put a pause on the sequel and remake The Protector, it will be the same story, just polished. I just thought I'd let you guys know.

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Ideas for new writers ranging from HIE to the standard FIM story. · 5:35am Jan 4th, 2018

HIE: Human created from ancient dark magic uses his abilities to help or destroy Equestria.
HIE: Human is stranded (not very original) and looks for answers to as of why.
HIE: Human is apart of CIA and walks into a wrong room with a portal, there is no way back and he must deal with a new society.
Pony: Pony is raised in a harsh environment and wants to help the world (The Protector but just a pony instead of a human).
Pony: Pony explores ancient sites and stumbles across a ancient tomb, they touch a ancient piece and they acquire abilities that have never been recorded (like the first spider man, he acquired strength and such. You could do magic or whatever you prefer. Just be unique).
Pony: Pony researches rare documents and puts together puzzle pieces to find out something major (Idk, do like a Zodiac killer I guess).
I just want to help any of my viewers that want to get into writing. I figured giving a few topics would help, these could be one shots or mult-chapter stories. I find it easiest to write in second person so when I read it out loud I can see it from a viewer perspective. If you like to say 'I' instead of 'he' then you're better off doing first person, I just find more pleasure in second person stories since you aren't forced into seeing it only one way, with second person you can branch out your thoughts. Keep in mind that these are simple topics, I can go much more complex. If you want something complex then message me I guess.

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