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Hello, I'm a Libra and I'm a practitioner in Psionics. My favorite color is Blue and Gold, and my favorite ponies are Fluttershy and Scootaloo. I like drawing, listening to music and watching MLP!

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  • 83 weeks
    I Love This Fandom

    Out of all the fandoms, this one is very unique in so many ways. Not only that, there's also a lot of talented people too!

    It still feels like yesterday. I was just searching for MLP G1-G3 Fanfics and stumbled upon this website by accident thanks to a certain fanfic featuring Princess Molestia. From there, the rest is history.

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  • 83 weeks
    What I can think of right now

    Nothing special. Just some random stuff I've been thinking about.

    "I clean the buildings in the camp."
    The Janitor of Death
    "I serve drinks in the bar."
    The Bartender of Death
    "I sweep the floors in the camp."
    The Sweeper of Death
    "I'm the Prime Minister's secretary."
    The Secretary of Death
    "I'm a clown in the camp's circus."
    The Clown of Death

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  • 87 weeks
    This helped cure my depression.

    I was going to kick the bucket today but these two videos totally made my day.

    Just play these two videos together.

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  • 87 weeks
    Go home, Dr. Applecheek. You're drunk af.

    When you manage to escape your scheduled circumcision but your doctor finds you anyway.

    And the scary part is when he chases you.

    But the best part is when you run away into the sunset and live happily ever after.

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  • 104 weeks
    This part gave me my first childhood boner.

    Oh yeah, and Billy watched paint dry before Pinkie Pie. :pinkiehappy:

    Rainbow Dash always dresses in style~! :twilightsmile:

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My two favorite cartoons. · 7:32am Dec 22nd, 2017

1. Saint Seiya.

2. King Arthur and the Knights of Justice.

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