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i might not be · 11:38pm Dec 19th, 2017

good at showing emotion
i made mistakes but
i learn from them like every human

or i've been given too many chances
maybe i should stop trying
and make up for not being
a good human

i might not be
a good person
i don't know myself
is that bad?

i might not be
a good friend or boyfriend
am i?
i think not
i just manipulate things
i can't deal with the real pain

i might not be
i might not be
i might not be real

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Comments ( 5 )

Might you be real? Might I falter to know?

Or will you be sucked into the state of mind that you barely escaped. Have you given up? It will bring you back.

what the heck oreo tell me how have you been up to

Dude it took four guys to write that bro were on the floor

Those idiots aside, me being gone for 4 months might need a pm, don’t you agree

okay i'm gonna pm you a meme

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