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  • 241 weeks
    Forgotten Friendship is here!

    I just watched the episode of forgotten friendship equestria girls and I got a new idea for a story! NO SPOILERS. Plus go ahead and watch the episode it is so good! Also new character, WallFlower!

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  • 247 weeks
    My art work

    Hey guys, I've started to do some art now so these are just a few I've done so far. This blog will lead to my page on Deviantart My Deviantart page: Star Galaxy Offical. I hope you guys keep up to date with the art. I know art would be displayed on here but my computers playing up so yea. Check the page out though!

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  • 248 weeks
    Happy New Year!

    2017 is a bye bye and say hello to 2018! This year has been pretty good for me and I wish you all the best for this year.

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  • 248 weeks
    All in for clop.

    Hey guys, this is where you'll find all my clopfic stories I've written in 2018. I've put the shipping names so you'll know which is which. So this project is called all in for clop.

    A night to remeber ~SoarDash fic

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  • 248 weeks
    New story should come out today

    Read More

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I'M FEATURED!! · 8:39pm Dec 7th, 2017

This is crazy talk right now but I'm gonna have to excuse that but thank you guys so much it means a lot. Featured under the tags Rainbow Dash, Princess Cadance, Shining Armour, Flash Sentry, Twilight Sparkle and on the first page of the genre "Romance"And my notifications a blowing up crazy but thanks you so much for the support. The screen shot is shwn under the tag "Rainbow Dash"

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Congrats I never got one of them. Maybe cause I'm a bad writer. :twilightsheepish:


Don't worry a little work can do. I kind still need it too

Thanks a lot

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