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  • 238 weeks
    I'm back! (And it's also my birthday or something, I guess)

    Semester's over, so that means that stories will be written at their usual pace! Whazzat? It's been actually two years since my last story? Implausible, can't be true.

    Yes, I've escaped my teenage years before my next story came out. I'm the big 20 and I can't fucking believe it, 10 years ago is still 2005! Anyway, I thought I'd hop on and make promises I for sure will not break.

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  • 296 weeks
    So, uh...

    Is anyone even still here? People that came from Discord don't count :twilightsheepish:

    So hi, guys. If I come back after a while, I assume that no one cares, but I guarantee that absolutely no one cares about this guy anymore. Hell, I barely care about myself after all this time.

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  • 331 weeks
    It's My Anniversary

    And I've planned shit all.

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  • 331 weeks
    R.I.P. Stephen Hawking

    Whether this is the first time you're hearing about it, or you've already caught wind of the news, the famous physicist Stephen Hawking died at 76


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  • 332 weeks
    Update Blog

    Hello all. Been a while since I've done much of anything here. The last thing I did, I think, was a post about my birthday a little over two months ago. Life is nice.

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Changed My Name · 7:23am Dec 5th, 2017

Changed my name, as you can probably see. I changed it because the way I got the old one didn't feel like me anymore.

Don't worry if you think it's long. I chose it so you can shorten it to Rhet-Con. Cause that's funny.

Report RhetCon · 337 views · #namechange
Comments ( 7 )

I like it either way! It's more about you as a person than what your username is, anyway. People will still recognize you! ^-^

Thanks, and I sure hope they recognize me.

I like the new profile pic too, although it's a li'l less whimsical that the other one... you you send me the old one, please? I really liked it :pinkiehappy:

Thanks! My friend sent it to me.

Aww, thank you!! xxx

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