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NaNoWriMo Day 11 Results - 10,000 words! · 3:19am Nov 12th, 2017

Words - 9,407 + 2,081 / 50,000
Days - 11 / 30
Average - 1,044 words a day (+103) [Required average - 1,667]
Pages - 18 + 4
Chapters - 2 + 1

Total Progress - 22.98 18.81% (+4.17%)

This was a challenging day. As in the scenes I wrote just would not come out easily. I know it's a first draft and I'm going to go back and change things later, but I just couldn't get some scenes or dialogue to convey information or feelings right; and then there're those times that I just sat at my computer completely lost about how to proceed.

Still, today was an above average day and I hit my 10,000 word mark! Progress has been made.

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