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    Don't worry, I'm not giving up on Forever Inferno. A few things just ebbed away my enthusiasm. Things called life, writer's block, and stress. Hopefully, though, a new chapter should be released sometime soon. I thank you again for all of your patience.

    This is Jazzmania signing off!

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"Someday, I will be whole again..."

So, I watched Lost Narrator's and Magpie's review on The Little Pony Movie, and I been thinking about what they said about how Tempest's backstory didn't work well in the movie, on account of it being so similar to Starlight's. And I have to say I disagree with it. I mean they do have similar backstories but...it's one thing to not have a cutie mark; it's another thing to lose a limb.

When Tempest lost her horn, she did lose her friends but not in a sense of what happened with Starlight. With Starlight, it was just simple childhood friend stuff but with Tempest, you can see how she became an outcast once she lost her horn. A horn is as valuable to a unicorn as wings are to a pegasus. It's what makes them who they are as a species. So when a unicorn loses that horn, they are then seen as less than.

That's I what saw with Tempest Shadow. She tried to move on after the accident and have fun with her friends but others started treating her differently, as if she wasn't a real pony. And you see that in the real world today. Some people don't treat handicap or people who are different as equals.

That could be why Tempest became what she is in the movie. Not because of losing her friends but because of not being seen as an equal to her species. So she tried looking for ways to get her horn back so she can be a whole pony again, even being desperate enough to join the Storm King's side (though it was obvious that he was the type to stab one in the back). Like Tempest, I bet a bunch of people who are in wheelchairs or are blind would do anything to become "whole" again. Sure they might have made peace with it eventually but at one point in their lives, they held onto that hope.

That's why I think her backstory worked well for the movie. It made more sense because it reflects real life situations and how far people will go to get what they want.

And that's my response to Lost's review. Just for the record, I didn't watch the whole movie. I just watched clips of it on YouTube. Well, that's it for today.

See you next time!
~Jazzmania Chronicle

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finally someone gets it and starlights problem was she did not try to even talk to sunbrest

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