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Sometimes you lose yourself in your own narcissism. That's when you find out you might be the bad guy.

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If I'm ever going to write a Marvel fanfic- it'd have to focus on Carol Danvers/ Captain Marvel · 8:40am Aug 30th, 2017


Cause Marvel's been a right shit with her characterization these days. I don't know making her into some girl power happy slice of life stuck on earth character. Or deciding that maybe since Avengers 200 where she was mind controlled and forced into having her own son with her own son- so yeah she is a rape survivor. (yeah it was a thing and it was the seventies. Shit's weird man.) Or maybe I haven't seen her deal with the sheer PTSD that she has to have after being a soldier for so long, an Avenger, and having Civil War 2 blow up in her face.

Also she's had her memories wiped like three times, had her powers stolen and regained and learned new powers.

And she's a recovering alcoholic.

You know how often any of that stuff is brought up now? Well the rape thing? Yeah that's not brought up now but wait that explains how Rogue starts popping up cause of Annual 10 of Avengers. also its tied into the aftermath and how she got her second identity of Binary and things like that. I mean it was referenced once by Jessica Jones but you know that Marvel can't bring up their missteps so even golden boy Bendis got in a bit of trouble for bringing that up. Alcoholism? I mean its referenced but not driven into like with Iron Man in the eighties. PTSD? I mean what's that. Not like Moon Knight deals with Dissociative Identity Disorder and Jessica Jones got mind raped by the Purple Man for eight months and attacked the Avengers- that's okay.

Also well because of CW2 people she knew and loved died. But you probably wouldn't know that in her recent title cause yass queen happy Marvel girl power. Which weirdly enough ISN'T the writer's fault. She's a capable writer. She can write dark stuff while edging the teen rating.

You know who said no to "Captain Marvel in Space Adventures while being drunk and longing after her boyfriend who she accidentally set up to kill thanks to Civil War 2 and while she's dealing with massive amounts of PTSD?

Like bringing the character back to her roots and changing the direction of her titles she's had since like 2012?

Fucking Marvel editorial that's what.

So yeah I know a few ideas for a Marvel fic. And it's going to have blackjack and hookers and everything I want in a Marvel story but can't have. Not because of SJW bs in the comics media cause that's not true- actually most comics people are more center than radical super liberals that want to push diversity. Shit, diversity is like a way Marvel wanted to make money guys, its a business practice.

I've seen some shit from recent Marvel that disgusts me. Like hiring a competent editor so I don't find like ten spelling mistakes in like a year and a half of comics. Shit I remember reading comics before Secret Wars and not having to proofread actually from the presses, just got off Amazon, straight to my door Marvel comics but shit man I do now.

But never you mind. Back on track. Yeah might do that one day. I mean it's not like I spent like a month and a half just reading comics and joining a facebook group just to discuss comics.

No I never would do that. I mean I didn't think I'd start excersizing again after my surgery.

But now I have to fill up a lot of time. Things changed. And to you, singular person, who might be reading my blog and this sentence is directed towards. I had a decent mentor that tried to push me to better myself. Only took for a real major dissociative and depression filled week to get me to do something about it.

Depression still there? But at least I'm not currently being attacked by the bad stuff that's out there.

Maybe I'm just paranoid. I mean it is 4 am here.

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