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    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas everyone and I hope you had a good time! Also, See ya 2017.

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    R.I.P Heart

    Ok, so yesterday we took a drive to somerset hospital to get my dad (we live in Russell Springs) and it was me, my brother, our neighbor John, his son Jeff, and Jeffs 3yo son Julian. And Julian was asking for a happy meal before we left Russell, then he asked for a happy meal again, and then I told him I'd buy him a happy meal, his eyes went wide, and he hugged my arm (kids fuckin strong too!)

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    I have a Ganglion Cyst on the back of my wrist, so you know, that's fun.

    Good news is they aren't cancerous and usually go away fairly quickly!

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    For anyone who's played this game, YOU KNOW WHY I WAS FREAKING OUT!

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    All I'm saying...

    Is Nintendo BETTER NOT fuck up with this one!

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All I'm saying... · 3:04pm Jun 28th, 2017

Is Nintendo BETTER NOT fuck up with this one!

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4585645 Yep, the upcoming SNES Classic Edition.

I haven't been kept in the know. Is it going to have the original SNES games on it?

4586006 Yep, including the unreleased Starfox 2.

4586207 YES IT IS!! I'm so excited, and hopefully, they won't make it the rarest fucking thing in the video gaming world to get like they did with the nes!

4586237 well, if they actually make a few million of them, we MIGHT have a chance of getting one before the scalpers do!

4586269 basically people who buy video game stuff, and then sell it back at outrageous prices, look up nes classic on ebay and you'll see what I mean!

I once saw the Metroid Prime Trilogy unopened with all the stuff that game with it undisturbed. Sold for 3000 dollars!! NO F***ING JOKE

4586274 that my friend, was a scalper!

I've had never seen anyone with such gall before in my life.

I wonder if they even appreciate the games they sell at such absurd prices

Chances are all they see is a way to shake people down for money in a legal way

4586628 and make it harder for us to actually get a good deal!

Clear the shelves and leave all options inflated prices. Disgusting

4586645 That's it, I'm going to ask Nintendo THEMSELVES if there will be a quantity problem with the SNES Classic Edition like with their NES Classic Edition!

I wonder if they'll answer quickly. Or if they can ever foresee how much will be bought

4586691 Only problem is, I can't figure out how to send them a damn email!

4586731 We might actually get a fucking chance this time!

4586740 hoping to get one for me and my dad!

4588423 Are you gonna get one too?

4588502 if only September could come sooner!

4588541 What they need to do is finish and release Super Mario's Wacky Worlds!

4588921 even though WW was a disc game, it shouldnt be too hard to port it to the snes classic!

4589135 considering the fact they ported Sonic CD to ios?

I'm guessing that means yes it is easy

4590707 I assume it wouldn't even be that hard to port it to a cartridge, but that's just my assumption

4591112 probably not lol, I'd try myself if I knew how!

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