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  • 310 weeks
    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas everyone and I hope you had a good time! Also, See ya 2017.

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  • 313 weeks
    R.I.P Heart

    Ok, so yesterday we took a drive to somerset hospital to get my dad (we live in Russell Springs) and it was me, my brother, our neighbor John, his son Jeff, and Jeffs 3yo son Julian. And Julian was asking for a happy meal before we left Russell, then he asked for a happy meal again, and then I told him I'd buy him a happy meal, his eyes went wide, and he hugged my arm (kids fuckin strong too!)

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  • 320 weeks

    I have a Ganglion Cyst on the back of my wrist, so you know, that's fun.

    Good news is they aren't cancerous and usually go away fairly quickly!

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  • 335 weeks

    For anyone who's played this game, YOU KNOW WHY I WAS FREAKING OUT!

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  • 336 weeks
    All I'm saying...

    Is Nintendo BETTER NOT fuck up with this one!

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Merry Christmas! · 1:59am Dec 26th, 2017

Merry Christmas everyone and I hope you had a good time! Also, See ya 2017.

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Comments ( 17 )

4759373 ech, ate a lot of pumpkin bread, yours?

sounds pretty good. Had a lot of sweets so it was good

4759420 but pumpkin bread is like the crack of the holidays!

4759491 ... you- you've never had pumpkin bread?

I don't think I have. If I did I don't remember

4759801 You sir, need to eat some pumpkin bread.

4759947 Damn straight i'm right!

I'll try and get some straight away

4760607 if you like pumpkin, you won't be disappointed!

I've never tried plain pumpkin but I have tried many pumpkin products.

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