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    Just posted a new chapter of History Reimagined. That means it's Obligatory Not-Dead Post time again. :yay:

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    New History Chapter

    Back from the dead to bring you another chapter of History Reimagined! Sorry it's been so long. Real life still sucks, plus last semester was crazy busy even before 2020 went completely off the rails and into the dump before getting struck with lightning and catching fire.

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    So I got tired of making blog posts that never led to any actual content, so I did it in reverse order: Content first. Guess what? It worked.

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FMF 22: 9 June 2017 · 3:41am Jun 12th, 2017

Hey guys. I know it's been a while since I've done one of these things, and well, I guess that's partially what I'm here to talk about. So let's get started...

I don't see my Fandom Music Friday blog ending anytime soon, at least I hope not, but I'm seeing a disturbing pattern that's inhibiting both my fanfic and blog-writing progress. It starts with a deadline. If I miss the deadline, Fridays as the case is for my blog, I feel I need to hold myself to Fridays, which means waiting a week until the next Friday. February had 4 FMFs. March had 5. April had 4. May? May had 1. I'm not writing; I'm not blogging; I'm not journaling; I'm not expressing! I'm just sitting, waiting for another chance. Then when it comes by, I all but step aside and let it pass.

The beauty of MLP is its relatable characters. I relate a LOT to Fluttershy. That's both a good thing, and a bad thing. Even as I relate to her apparent growth across the seasons, I also relate to her regressions and introvertedness. Not that being introverted is a bad thing, but everything should be in moderation. My introvertedness most certainly is not. For that reason, Ponyphonic's "Shy Heart" speaks to me.

I know I'm not the best at communicating, and I promise I'll try and get some new content up soon. I've gotten a summer job, and my weekends have been busy with open houses and a wedding lately. This hasn't exactly helped my schedule. I'm still not convinced I've recovered from my emotional/psychological nosedive I took at the end of the semester either, but at least I'm getting counselling now. Maybe, just maybe, things will start looking up soon.

Star Wars: Clone Wars crossover/colab: (priority--high)
Blog with link to the story
          Goal: 10K words
          Progress: 7.5K words
          Remaining chapters: 1

History Lesson Bonus/Cut Content: (priority--medium)
          Projected: ~3-5K words
          Progress: 1.6K words

History Reimagined: (priority--low)
          Goal: very approx. 55-65K words
          Progress: 12.1K words (Milestone! More written content than outline!)
          Projected chapters: approx. 10 (?) (Might make chapters smaller than in History Lesson)
          Release date: Fall 2017

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