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New Story! Yay! · 12:15am Nov 2nd, 2019

Story Number Four went live on FimFiction this Monday! Here's what to expect:

This story is going to be somewhat episodic. The first time I published what is now Clone Wars: Equestria Wars, it had two chapters. I didn't like how it was balanced, so now it has three chapters. That will wrap up a single standalone story, or arc. I plan on doing about six of those (gee, does the number six mean anything to the MLP fandom? Nah!), with a seventh arc following that, probably a bit longer. You can probably see where this is going based on the numbers, the description, and the first chapter.

Star Wars is home to an enormous universe. MLP has a fairly large roster of characters and species as well. If there's ever anything you'd like to see in my writing, speak up! I'm totally open to suggestions! It gets you guys engaged and it gives me ideas and directions. And then, you get to see your suggestions brought to life! In the words of Starlight Glimmer, "Everypony wins!"

I'm excited for this new story, and I'm already encouraged by the involvement and feedback I've heard. I'm so glad to have you guys as readers!

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