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  • Saturday
    Hopefully I release a chapter of something new

    Looking at my entire next week of no work (thanks, virus) I have ample time to finish a chapter of a ship I've been kicking around for a bit. Don't know why but I seem to do this a lot when bored- write out of boredom. Oh, well. More content. I always hate first chapters though since the story always seems to take a life of its own and the first look in a story can be difficult.

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  • 1 week
    Released a story

    Can't really put it here cause its a mature thing, but yeah the story is done cause its a one shot. Rule 63 Fluttershy shipped with Rainbow Dash. So that was rather fun to do a slight kind of twist on the Hurricane Fluttershy episode. Love that episode so I wrote a take on it.

    If you want to read it, you can. If you don't want to, you don't have to.

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  • 2 weeks
    Writing going well

    Sadly still hadn't been in the correct headspace due to the current world to write my main story or any planned sequels I had. But because I guess I've had a rather weird and probably kind of depressive July what with working like four days out of the month, I am almost done with a new one shot. Would have been closer to release but I guess I didn't save my last work session and I lost only like

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  • 5 weeks
    Been quiet on here. Working on two stories behind the scenes.

    Still working on my big stuff slowly but to help with the slight writers block on that I'm writing pron.

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  • 7 weeks
    Going to be going back to work soon

    Got an update on my work, its opening up soon and so I won't be here as much. Still be here a lot but I will have to take a bit to acclimate once again to balancing work and fun while not becoming a hermit- though that is partially a joke.

    Still will be nice to be back to work since about 3-4 months of doing not much besides just writing to stay focused.

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Little Kids Shows I Can Sort of Tolerate Now · 5:27pm Jun 7th, 2017

Edit: Took me a while to figure out how to preview a blog post. Thanks update.

Because I have had to at least make sure my nieces are okay I often have to watch them with the tv running at some point.

And since the youngest one that I am watching is like three and the oldest one is seven, they are in that fantastic age where most of the shows are definitely not made for me.

As in the almost edutainment shows that have horrible long pauses and all that stuff.

So I have had to watch a ridiculous amount of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse because the really small one adores Mickey Mouse. That show is actually not completely terrible besides the edutainment bits and extreme reuse of animation scenes for certain things.

And the Wild Kratts is no Zoboomafoo but its still fine.

Sofia the First is surprisingly good and all that for a Disney Junior show and has actually some interesting bits.

Horseland though. Didn’t even know what this show was until yesterday. Didn’t know it existed. And it only lasted from 2006-2008 as a show and its terrible. I mean it was literally based on a online experience game of raising horses and all that stuff so I guess I can see why the plots are awful and super badly animated but wow. I mean when you need every animal to talk and that includes the horses, dog, cat, and pig with all annoying voices, you may have a problem. The only thing I liked about it is there’s this one character who’s this rich kid who doesn’t want to be seen as super snooty and she has a black horse and it has red highlights.

Who got their original character into that show? Red and Black horse dang you don’t fit in well. But I mean all the haircolors for the horses looked awful and their bridles and all that have their special symbols. By the end of the first episode I made it better by thinking this was just a different take on MLP even though it was still awful.

I mean every character had a weird accent.

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