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Just a big, tall dumbass that is trying to write words as soon as possible... And loves games. A lot. Also, I enjoy Roleplay. Feel free to PM me about it.

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I used to watch Adventure time, and saw two of the newer episodes (Belly of the Beast and No One Can Hear You.) · 4:10pm May 2nd, 2017

My thoughts?

It was bizarre.

It was paradoxical to me for some reason.

It was creepy.

But... It was Adventure Time. I fucking loved it. It's just as silly, goofy, and wonderful as I remember. How's it to you guys?

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Same. The episodes I've seen have convinced me that when all is said and done I will be watching every Adventure Time episode instead of catching up on and starting new anime because I want to know the world well and maybe do RPs in the setting.


There's episodes I need to see in Adventure time


What was the last one you saw?


Some creepy asshole deer licking people.


I remember that episode. At least it dies

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