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Shadow of the Night

Just a big, tall teenager that is trying to write horse words as soon as possible... And loves games. A lot. Also, I enjoy Roleplay. Feel free to PM me about it.

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Boba Fett has contracted a disease from an unknown planet. On the verge of death, he decides to secretly have himself perfectly cloned in the same way his father did to get him. The result? Manda Fett, a boy who is trained by his father, but doesn't know why Boba is almost dead. When Manda finds out, and learns of the planet where the disease was made, Manda dons his father's armor (albeit with slightly different colors), picks up his blaster, learns the ways of the Dark Side, and when Boba dies, Manda heads to Equis to seek revenge.


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When a strange new stallion appears out of thin air, everypony gets curious. Where is he from? How did he get his cutie mark? However, none know of his dark past. His actions- cold, hard, cruel actions- give clues to his real being, which must be realized to know why he performed his actions. He was a killer, but when a killer is in a different world in a different body, they must, as their appearance has, change their very spirit to find a place in the world. And when you find how relatively hollow your life has been, you strive to undo what you have done.


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