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[Smash Emblem] Meta Knight · 5:07pm Apr 14th, 2017

Starting Class: Myrmidon
Inventory: Iron Sword, Galaxia (Meta Knight only Sword)
Personal Skill: Mach Tornado (Mag x 0.75% chance of adding 50% more damage)
Base Stats:
[HP - 19] [Str - 7] [Mag - 1] [Def - 6] [Res - 2] [Lck - 8] [Skl - ] [Spd - 2]
Stat Growths:
[HP - 20%] [Str - 75%] [Mag - 40%] [Def - 35%] [Res - 15%] [Lck - 30%] [Skl - 65%] [Spd - 70%]
Like Kirby, it is unknown where Meta Knight originated from, though he appeared much earlier than Kirby. He was once enlisted in King Dedede's elite army though left almost immediately when he discovered just how clueless the man really was. Taking others who disliked Dedede's rule and stupidity, he formed the Halberd Mercenaries and became one of the most respected and feared forces in all of Dreamland. No one, not even his closest friends, knows what's behind the mask he wears, nor do they know his real name.

Meta Knight is quiet most of the time, though this is simply to intimidate his foes. He truly respects his friends for whatever strengths they have, including Kirby who he respects for being so jovial all the time. He is also quite chivalrous, going by a knight's code and often offering weaker opponents the chance to match him in combat. Having said this, he is extremely overconfident in his abilities and can overestimate his opponents if they seem too weak to him, which is a reason why he lost to Kirby the first time they fought against each other.

As a unit, Meta Knight has the possibility of ending up like a glass cannon if no items are given. As far as myrmidons go, Meta Knight is one of the best in terms of strength and speed base stats and growths. Skill isn't too bad either. Where Meta Knight shines is his ability "Mach Tornado" which utilizes the usually useless magic stat on myrmidons to trigger the skill. However, Meta Knight won't be receiving too much health, defense or resistance during level ups, meaning keeping him to the back of any battle would be a wise choice on anyone's part.

I do not own the art, only the blog and unit data.
Art is owned by dc9spot, a very talented artist on Tumblr. Go check them out!

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Where did Marth get the mask?:rainbowwild:

We're not having a repeat of Awakening.

Still better than Fates's story.

4496306 I wouldn't know. I'll have to borrow them sometime.

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