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Sky Blue CMC

"You're not a burden, my love" Simon comforted his partner, Prince Lucian. "You're all 7,634,420,069,142,002,387,487,862,912 stars in my sky, Luce. And I love how brightly you shine"

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Beautiful Times Potential Parody · 8:59am Mar 11th, 2017

Partners in Time
by Jaydove (or Sky Blue CMC)

A spark's soarin'
Down through the open
Skies and destroyin'
All over Toad Town

A slow motion
Wave of destruction
Turns my devotion
To take the ship down!

I can't think of the next part, but the chorus is...

We fought all through the night
Oh, oh, but we made it alive
The Shroobs met their demise
Oh, oh, we are Partners in Time!

Last fight of this game is so hard
So hard
So hard
But we're gonna survive
Oh, oh, we are Partners in Time!

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