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FMF 13: 10 March 2017 · 4:58am Mar 11th, 2017

Hey guys, and welcome to another Fandom Music Friday! This piece of music has the shortest publication-to-blog time of any piece of music I've yet featured. Only two days ago, this piece of music appeared in my subscription box! Needless to say, I'm pumped to get right into this one!

Jyc Row, last featured in FMF 11, just published the 2017 Remastered version of his Alicornae series on the eighth of this month. Consisting of five pieces, one for each adult alicorn and one track called "Alicornae Finale," this piece was alluded to in FMF 11. However, I now have an excuse reason to feature it as a standalone. Furthermore, the entire collection is here in a single video: Five for the price of one!

Seriously, if you haven't checked out Jyc Row's work by now, you're really missing out! Jyc's work is absolutely phenomenal.

Story Updates:

History Lesson:
          Next chapter goal: 12-13.5K words
          Next chapter progress: approx. 11K
                    Reason for delays: The expected word count rose again. Sorry for the delays. Don't worry! The end is in sight. I'm polishing up the last few scenes!
          Remaining chapters: 1
          Likely upload time: First half of this coming week.

Next Project Announcement:
Word count goal: 750 (blog not included)
Word count progress: 500
Details: I'm setting my announcement to 2-minute selection of music; the idea is to get it to feel like a movie trailer. You won't want to miss it!

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