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FMF 12: 3 March 2017 · 4:44am Mar 4th, 2017

Hey guys and welcome to another Fandom Music Friday! Where has the time gone? It's already March! I'll tell you where it's gone; it's gone towards studying for midterms. Fortunately I'm afloat in all my classes, but unfortunately I've been delayed for writing History Lesson's final chapter. Again. But I swear I'm getting closer! Seriously, I'm down to the last few scenes. After that, I've got a special movie trailer-style intro for my next major project that I'm sure you won't want to miss! That's right. I'm making a full trailer for my next big story. Not sure how big exactly it'll be just yet, but it'll probably rival History Lesson in length.

But you're here for the music, not for the dialogue. You know which character could use some more fan music? Daring Do. I've not come across any particularly noteworthy Daring Do music, save this one piece I'm about to link below. (If you've found some good Daring Do music, feel free to PM me or put the link in a comment below!)

Personally, I find lyrical compositions to be distracting while I write. If it has words, I'm liable to sing them either out loud or in my head. If it doesn't have words, I tend to be far more productive. I found Shurrikane's channel a while back, and I've been impressed with the content and the quality of the music. There's everything from original compositions to remixes of show tunes, and even an orchestral remix of Rainbow Factory to be found over there. If, you know, you're into creepypastas. One original composition features another character with a significant lack of fan-generated music, Lyra Heartstrings. So yeah, lots of great work over there, but without the traffic to match. So go give Shurrikane some love!

Story Updates:

History Lesson:
          Next chapter goal: 9-11K words
          Next chapter progress: approx. 8.4K
                    Reason for delays: Simply put, midterms.
          Remaining chapters: 1
          Likely upload time: This weekend or early next week.

Don't miss the special announcement after History Lesson's finale!

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