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FMF 11: 24 February 2017 · 5:02am Feb 25th, 2017

Hey guys and welcome to another Fandom Music Friday! Today, I finally get to share with you a piece of music by an artist I've wanted to highlight for a while now. I'm really excited for this, so let's get right into it.

Ever since January 2016, I've been on a pretty intense journey of self-discovery. It's been one crazy ride ever since then; making a FimFiction account, starting up writing, telling my parents, dragging my brother into the fandom, making plans for my first Bronycon... It's been great! The song that I listened to for most of the day before telling my parents was "The Magic Inside." I mean come on, it's practically hand-written for secret bronies. I've told a select few friends after my immediate family, but I feel I've gotten to the point where having to hide everything behind redundant "decoy" tabs and windows on my computer is getting in the way of being a productive contributing brony. As I'm preparing to make the next step, I'm finding myself listening to that song again. And what better topic could I use for a FMF?

Jyc Row specializes in two things: Original (typically orchestral) compositions and Orchestral Remixes. Jyc Row is, in my honest opinion, a very underrated orchestral composer. Jyc has a number of remixes and original compositions oh his channel, including but not limited to the truly epic Alicornae series. I strongly encourage you to go give Jyc some love. I feel like I say that every time, but I've really been looking for an opportunity to feature Jyc for a while now.

Story Updates:

History Lesson:
          Next chapter goal: ~10K words
          Next chapter progress: approx. 7.0K
                    Reason for delays: My writing has started waxing eloquent becoming longwinded, thus the word count has unexpectedly risen.
          Remaining chapters: 1
          Likely upload time: Middle of this week.

Don't miss the special announcement after History Lesson's finale!

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Thanks for that "dragging into the fandom" part, BBBFF

4436178 No prob, Baby Brother Best Friend Forever! :raritywink:

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