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Courage VS the Darkstalkers · 4:36am Feb 20th, 2017

While cleaning up my apartment, I came across a notebook full of notes on a comic series I want to do sometime in the future: "Courage VS the Darkstalkers."

The two match pretty well. One is about a dog who protects his family from a wide range of monsters that can be quite dark but is still cartoony, while the other is a fighting game about a wide range of monsters with elements of dark comedy (that neither the anime nor the American cartoon series could capture). With a bit of tweaking, I believe the two would mesh together very well.

In my notes, I found a list of characters and ideas summed up as synopses for each "episode." Let me share them with you.

Courage and the Bagges go see a musical starring up-and-coming musical star Felicia. The bagges are invited to participate in the play by the director - Katz of Katzenburg theater.

Nightmare at the Museum
Eustace and Muriel visit a museum but somehow get stuck at night where some of the exhibits come to life.

Muriel is upset that Eustace has been going out a lot recently, and he seems more tired than usual.

Rock Bottom Prices and Rolling Heads
Eustace swindles a coffin-shaped coffee table from a yard sale. Inside, he finds tickets to a rock-and-roll concert.

Bats are in the attic and bees are in the basement. Luckily for the Bagges, two exterminators are already on the job.

Something is wrong with the electricity, and a large monster is hiding in the farm who says he's been chased out of his castle home by some loud-mouthed fool.

Le Ski
Muriel and Eustace win a free ski trip, courtesy of Le Quack

The Howling
Howling at night has been keeping the Bagges awake. The next day, a strange girl scout shows up, and she's selling more than cookies.

The Big Catch
The Bagges go on a fishing trip and find a swamp creature desperately looking for something he lost.

The Strange Girl
A strange, mute girl with a headless doll shows up in the middle of nowhere. Muriel takes her in until her parents come looking for her. Strange things start happening.

The Strongest
An alien turns Nowhere into an arena for all the world's monsters to find out who is the strongest. The Bagge farm is in the center of it all.

Bound by Blood
Muriel makes a deal with a strange man for a new vacuum cleaner.

I've been able to think of plots that squeeze in every Darkstalker (except for Mannequin and Shadow) and also include all, if not most, of the notable side characters in Courage. This is one project I'm really looking forward to after I complete my time here on Fimfiction.

Comments ( 8 )

I'm not familiar with either of them, but Courage sounds promising on a conceptual level.

I can understand not knowing about Darkstalkers, but Courage?

This actually seems like a VERY interesting series. You've certain got my backing when/if you decide to do it.

When I do start it, I'll be sure to share it on here and my DA page. It just won't be for a while. I have four more projects left to do on this site. :trixieshiftleft:

This is one project I'm really looking forward to after I complete my time here on Fimfiction.

Are you dying?

Oh, that's what the pink dog was called. We didn't have Cartoon Network for very long when I was a kid.

I'm not dying per se. I'm just getting ready to move on. Writing has been a great joy for me, but I've got other bigger ambitions in mind. Plus, I'd like to branch out from ponies.

I have four more projects that I'll work on before I'm done writing fanfiction, at least for the foreseeable future:
Woebegone - Just three chapters remaining and I should have them out in a month or less
Coltislava - May take me three months to finish if I really focus on it.
Claymore - Scourge of the Unicorn Race - A grand story about an earth pony that makes a deal with a zebra to give him powers to get revenge on the unicorns he feel has wronged him.

I plan to finish all of those by September (My next birthday), then I'll be working on my swan song - the rewrite/continuation of
A Game of Kings and Pretty Pony Princesses
I have huge plans for this one. I am tingling with excitement just thinking about it. It'll be my biggest, most ambitious project ever.

Ooo, I really liked the Mouse King and I can't wait to see what happens next.

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