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"I often think that the night is more alive and more richly colored than the day."- Vincent Van Gogh

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Considering a Name Change... · 7:26pm Feb 17th, 2017

This has been on my mind for now...4 months. Should I change my screen name? Or should I keep it the same?

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Comments ( 41 )

4426269 Well...that's a suggestion...one problem. I've already had "AlphaWolf97100". Not doing anything related to that again.

4426291 I'm just tossing ideas out.

Worgen Freeman

4426299 Yeah. Bad ones! Also...wtf?!?:rainbowlaugh:

4426315 Yeah...but Idk? I like the name I have but I've been thinking of other names recently.

4426319 Random ones really. But one name did stick out that I thought of about a week ago: Phoenix. And no, I don't mean the Capital of Arizona.

4426323 Rising from the ashes?

4426330 Yeah...something about that name just...i dunno? Instantly had me thinkin.

4426338 I think it sounds nice. :twilightsmile:

4426345 Yeah...I just...I'm so indecisive now!

4426343 wolf-chan




4426353 ....are you even trying anymore?

4426357 can't stahp help!!!

Wolffy luv

Timper wolf!

Super wolf

I'm done

4426360.......................Wolf is the new black

4426362 :facehoof:.......*growls savagely* ENOUGH!!!

4426375 :ajsleepy:...sorry for growling and snappin' at ya.

4426377 its okay...i lost control...i couldn't stop

4426381 Yeah and I was getting annoyed.

4426393 But do you have any actual helpful suggestions?

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