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Story Concept(Feel Free to Use) · 2:57am Feb 7th, 2017

A few days ago, I was introduced to the cartoon C.O.P.S. I was thinking that it might not be a bad idea to do a crossover with it. If you have no idea what COPS is, it's basically G.I. Joe except replace army guys with cops and robbers. It also has a similar structure to an MLP episode, they solve a problem while learning a lesson along the way without shoving it down your throat. Here's all the data you'll need to get the details.
And here's the awesome intro.

Before I go into the specifics of the characters, all I'm gonna say is that it should have Copper Top, aka the police pony from The Gift of the Maud Pie.

Seriously, cop show, cop pony, and since she only had one line you can do whatever you want with her without risk of being called out for doing her out of character. She can also be a good medium for introducing Equestria to the COPS, possibly even joining the team. Look me in the eye and tell me this isn't a good idea.

Now for the characters and how I think they'd best fit in.

The Boss, Bulletproof

He's a skilled investigator who cares deeply for his team. After sustaining massive injuries(causes varies based on comics, toys or show) he was rebuilt with a bulletproof mechanical torso that also contains various equipment that he can use. Recommended Cutie Mark if Ponified: shield with badge on it.

The Rookie, Hardtop

He has a lot to learn, but what he lacks in experience he makes up for in determination and driving skills. He'd probably be the best to serve as the reader's proxy. Also, in the first episode, it's revealed he has a fear of heights, which while he was able to power through it to get the job done, it could be an interesting plot point for a Cloudsdale chapter. Recommended Cutie Mark if Ponified: a steering wheel with a badge for a horn, although being a blank flank may also be an option.

The Veteran, LongArm

He's no nonsense, by the book, but real friendly when you get to know him. His signature piece of equipment is the Power Cuff, which can not only handcuff perps at a distance, but can also be used as a grappling hook. He and Copper Top might have a good relationship, but due to the fact that he's married, it'll have to be strictly platonic. Speaking of, homesickness could be a real problem he has to deal with. Recommended Cutie Mark if Ponified: a book with a police badge on the cover.

The K-9 Unit, Bowser and Blitz

In case you were wondering, Bowser's the guy, Blitz's the dog, and they share a wiki page for a reason. Bowser is an animal handler and lover, although if you forced him to pick just one he'd have to say dogs. Blitz is his partner and best friend, he used to be a normal dog until he got injured saving a little girl. If it wasn't already obvious, this would be the best way to get Fluttershy into the story. Recommended Cutie Mark if Ponified: a bone wrapped with handcuffs.

The Speedster, Highway

4 words, human male Rainbow Dash. He's the fastest member of the team on his bike and has an ego to match. However, that ego is rather fragile, he once quit the team because he couldn't keep up with a super speed enhanced criminal. I foresee a rivalry between him and Dash, with races whenever he's off duty. Recommended Cutie Mark if Ponified: tire with a badge hubcap.

The Peacekeeper, Barricade

A master of crowd control, Barricade is soft-spoken and calm no matter the situation. He also moonlights as a pretty good hostage negotiator, having once talked a robot who was holding him captive into letting him go. While potentially another good foil for Fluttershy, I wouldn't mind seeing him successfully talk Pinkie Pie into calming down(maybe driving Twilight crazy in the process). Recommended Cutie Mark if Ponified: not sure.

The Heavy, Mace

To his friends, he's the friendliest guy you'll ever meet, to criminals, he's the crack shot with the laser bazooka. He's a master of unconventional tactics, although he falls back to his old standby, charge in guns blazing, a bit too often for his teammates liking. I think that seeing him and Pinkie interact would be awesome. Recommended Cutie Mark if Ponified: not sure of this one either.

The Techie, Mainframe

She's the resident technical genius of the team, equally adept at researching possible options as she is at putting them into practice. Also neatly avoids being the typical damsel in distress, she once charged a(relatively) giant robot with nothing more than an oversized squirt gun filled with seawater in an attempt to rust it, which worked. I can see her bonding with Twilight, trading her tech know-how for Twilight's magical mastery. Recommended Cutie Mark if Ponified: a computer screen with an 8-bit badge.

The Spy, Mirage

Mirage is COPS' resident undercover operative, and damn good at it. Like Mainframe, Mirage is no damsel, perfectly willing to get in deep with the crooks to foil their plans. I'm thinking that she and Rarity could hit it off, if the constant deviantart portrayals of Rarity as the TF2 Spy are anything to go by. Recommended Cutie Mark if Ponified: a mask that's shaped like a badge.

The Pilot, Bullseye

Bullseye is a master chopper pilot, more at home in the air than on the ground. I can see him bonding with Dash. Sorry there isn't more, I haven't seen much of him in the show as of writing this. Recommended Cutie Mark if Ponified: a winged badge.

The Gunslinger, Sundown

I'd call Sundown a stereotypical wild west sheriff, but it doesn't really feel like it to me and I don't really have adequate words to describe him. I can foresee him and the Apple Clan hitting off, as well as him feeling comfortable in Aaaaaaaaaaaaaapleoosa(why yes, I did have to write it like that). Recommended Cutie Mark if Ponified: a sheriff's star.

I'd talk about the villains, but a: they're not necessary, could be plenty of baddies in Manehatten, and b: unlike Sundown, they do feel like walking stereotypes.

And to wrap up, a few episode/chapter concepts

The Case of the Mile-High Mystery: While investigating a robbery in Cloudsdale, Hardtop must overcome his reemerging fear of heights, or risk failure.

The Case of the Cop's Best Friend: When Blitz is damaged saving a civilian during a pursuit, Bowser and the rest of COPS must find a way to repair him, before he shuts down forever.

The Case of the Fastest Thing Alive: Highway must come to grips with the existence of ponies who are as fast on their hooves as he is on his bike, before a couple of speedy criminals pick Manehatten clean.

The Case of the Sundown Showdown: Sundown travels to Appleoosa, where he shows a band of outlaws what a Texas Ranger looks like.

The Case of the Intelligent Thieves: When a group of criminals make a series of heists, Mainframe must learn how to operate in a world where magic has replaced technology.

Hope this interests some of you. I'd do it myself, but I've got enough on my plate as is.

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Here few episodes ideas
Case of the Grand Gala Grab: Time of Grand Gala is near and Mirage is try stop phantom thief name magical mask from robbing the Gala

Case of the Sky 11: Cops Got a tip on Army train thieves are plan hit Los Pegasus and COPS must turn to Flim and Flam for help

Case of the Applewood Stars: When Film Roll start ponynapping ponies for his film and is Mirage, Sundown and Copper Top to put stop it

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