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    Pretty Much Dead.

    Welp. I was afraid this would happen. Then again I guess it's been "happening" for a while now. I've done no new writing. I was looking at trying a whole new draft of DOE, but I just gave up. Not that interested in MLP anymore. Consider my fimfic dead until further notice.

    It's been fun!

    Happy Reading,

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    Feeling better!

    Boo! Took ya by surprise huh? I've been doing better as of late, maybe because January is over. January was a strange month for me, kinda felt like the Twilight Zone.

    I'm sorry, I just had to. That pun was too easy of a target.

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    Losing Interest.

    Things aren't doing so hot in the writing department. I've lost interest in Fimfiction, and really MLP as a whole. I haven't been writing for a while now, just meandering around Fimfiction once a day. I'm not sure when I'll get back into it, if ever, but stay posted and I should pipe up again in the next 10 days or so. Thank you for following my crazy writing journey and supporting all of my

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    Plans Underway

    Plans for a reboot of DOE are underway. It's really more of a spiritual successor, because the characters and plots are very different, they just used DOE as a jumping off point. Don't leave just yet! If you liked DOE, than you're sure to love this one, as it's everything that made DOE good, but polished to perfection. The pacing is going to be better, the chapters will be more descriptive, and

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Writing Frustrations · 11:39pm Jan 7th, 2017

I'll be honest, as time has gone on, writing has become less and less fun for me. It's started to feel like a chore, with little tangible reward. This compounded with creative burnout and serious issues with my main story Darkening of Equestria being brought to me has caused me to lose interest in writing really anything. DOE has several issues that need to be fixed, but can't given the state of the story right now. Writing feels tedious and boring. I'm really struggling right now with what to do. I'm considering taking all of this criticism, elaborating on it, finding the issues, and doing a clean reboot of DOE to fix them. Total blank slate. I would be very tough, and all of my work for the past 3-4 months and planning for over a year would be scrapped. Or I could try and do some re-writes, but that just feels tacked-on and wrong. I'm at a loss here as to what to do. I'm gonna take a break and unwind, and try and sort this out. I don't know how it will go, or if I'll even come to a conclusion.

All I do know is I can't keep writing DOE in the state it's in.

Thank you for your time.


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Well, if you'd like I could relay some ideas to you. I'm too busy currently with projects and finals to write for a few days, but I still have plenty of ideas! :pinkiehappy:

I think taking a break is a good idea. Other than that, I would recommend writing original works, might spark some new determination in you if it is a project that might further your career.

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