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A fellow fan and author. Newbie and looking to make friends here on this amazing site of ours

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EDITOR NEEDED · 9:57pm Dec 13th, 2016

Hello and welcome my fellow fans to a place of wonder, a place of mystery, a place of excitement. Welcome to...my shit writing journey. I have been made painfully (emphasis on painfully) aware that I need an editor for my fanfics. If anyone would like to do so, and help a starving artist (AKA an eternally struggling author with no real skill.) out, I would very much appreciate it, yeah? Thanks in advance and sorry in advance for all the crap you may have to read before we can polish this up.

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Comments ( 8 )

I might do it. All my stories I edit and proofread myself. That's if you find my editing skills acceptable. I haven't officially put up anything on my channel yet about taking requests but I am preparing to do that to try to create an interactive experience between myself and my followers.

4338532 very many thanks friend. I'll be waiting then.


Is it for a particular story or for all your stories?

Edit: nvm I reread the post. Sounds like you want one for all your stories.

4338532 would you be able to do it? I understand if not.


Only thing I need is the source material. I'll be sure to highlight any changes that are made and save it as a separate file. hey can you check out my user page for me and tell me what you think of it? I'm trying something out.:twilightsheepish:

4338596 What am I checking for? I just went and I can't say anything unless I know what you want me to take a look at.


lmao I'm an idiot :rainbowlaugh:

I meant for you to check out my page and see if that looked alright in general to you. I edited it today to try to make it look better for what I wanted to do, which was create this request interaction service where I fulfill some request that's been applied to me. It has been a while since I brushed up on modifying web pages to make clear and concise messages.

I gave it the name of the Request Station, and off to the side of my page I put what works I was currently working on, plus future works in the planning, and finally below that what I'm editing. That's essentially what I was inquiring about.

4338695 It looks alright to me. Dude. I am getting so many ideas right now. I'm planning on writing a fancfiction that is gonna be so good (I hope with all my damn heart that it is.)

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