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  • 556 weeks
    Story: 'A mother's care' is out!

    Finally I was able to make the cover image for my fic thus completing it.

    It has taken like, a year to complete. A story about a mother might not roll with me it seems, but it is done and I like it.

    Now I can focus on my tumblr blog, but that doesn't mean I am gone here, no~
    Whatever I make and write there will hopefully make its way down here.

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  • 566 weeks
    Fic #2 is almost done

    As you can see in the title my second fic is almost done. Actually it is done, I only have it get shredded by proofreaders and editors. It was along road getting this one ready and it shows I got a long way until I am a professional writer, but I also have shown improvement.

    And now I am sitting here thinking what else I can write in this blogpost XD

    Story of my life...

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  • 595 weeks
    Character Descriptions

    I am busy once more with a story and i was wondering about my character descriptions in relation to how other writers do it. So i amde a post in The Writer's group and watched th posts flow in; http://www.fimfiction.net/group/50/the-writers-group/thread/11717/character-descriptions

    For those who see it, may you learn something from it. in any case, this is a nice remainder for myelf.

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  • 609 weeks
    Curses: Day 3.2 is out

    My fic's fourth chapter is out to read, it is also arguably the most important one. Now go read it while I pray there is nothing wriong with it.

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  • 609 weeks
    Curses progress

    Chapter 5 has been written, thus now I can start revising chapter 4 and post it. Once I am satisfied with it.

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My first MLP fanfic; Curses · 5:26pm Sep 19th, 2012

Yeah, not the most original name, but it covers the story. anyway, as I write this post, my story is in process of approval, so it is just waiting till the mods get around to it.

Anyway my story is about a mountain town called Rocky Slopes, where on the first day of the three days of a heavy storm, the towns inhabitants start to suffer from a curse. Now where did it come from?

That's all I give you for now, it is my first fic, not finished, there are a couple of chapters for it and I most certainly can say this will not be my only fanfic.

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